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Argentina will achieve “magnificent things” if it invests in biological inputs: Expertqrcode

Mar. 25, 2021

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Mar. 25, 2021

By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages

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Juan Pablo Brichta

President and Director of R&D at 

Agro Advance Technology

Juan Pablo Brichta, President and Director of R&D at Agro Advance Technology, AgroAT, said that the use of bio-inputs is essential if Argentina wants to be competitive and sustainable. The company specializes in biostimulants, biocontrollers and macrorganisms that promote the development of crops and control pests and diseases.

In Argentina, the most well-known bio-input is soybean inoculant, he added, stating, “There are more than 600 products registered in the country, but the trend is to move towards other types of technologies focusing on biological fertilization, not only for biological nitrogen fixation but also for the solubilization of phosphorus and potassium and the production of bidders.”

With regards to biocontrol, there are several microorganisms that can control pathogens without leaving residue. “The lower the waste, these technologies will be more efficient and will not cause any damage to the environment,” he pointed out.

“I could say that, with regards to the development of new technologies based on bio-inputs, Argentina is in some ways a pioneer in the region. Of course, when the sector generates innovation, new legislation and a legal framework are needed to enable it to be more dynamic. However, very interesting things have been achieved and I think this is just beginning,” Brichta stressed.

“Currently, only 1% of soil microbiology is utilized, meaning that it is necessary to look for the remaining 99%. The possibilities are enormous, and Argentina has a highly developed technical-scientific sector with some tools, so magnificent things can be achieved,” he added.

“I believe that this trend is coming at a rapid pace, it is a paradigm that is here to stay, to the point that you can see the acquisitions of renowned companies in the area of agrochemicals, as well as those extremely interested in the acquisition of biological companies,” Brichta further added.

“This will also affect suppliers. With regards to raw materials, I think it is essential for us to begin to understand bio-inputs as not only an element that can be added or not, but as part of the technological package that producers will have to acquire. They must also begin to understand that they must work differently with regards to synthetic products,” he said in conclusion.

Source: AgroNews

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