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Top 10 feature articles of 2020: Regulatory challenges and new market trendsqrcode

Jan. 1, 2021

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Jan. 1, 2021

Top 10 feature articles of 2020: Regulatory challenges and new market trends

The topics of these most-read feature articles in 2020 has indicated more severe regulatory challenges facing the agri-inputs industry. Product, especially new product, is still the most concerned issue by farmers, distributors, as well as manufacturers. Topics related to emerging markets and industries are still going strong.

Here are the ten most-read feature articles in 2020.

1. Banning of Insecticide Order 2020 and Future of the 27 Molecules in India

In May 2020, Ministry of Agriculture issued a draft order banning the use and sale of 27 pesticides in India. The draft order came as a surprise, for the Indian agrochemical industry, as these 27 products constitute for almost 40% of total sale of pesticides in Indian market. Not just domestically, but some of the molecules are among the biggest exports of agrochemicals from India. 

2. Mancozeb: Facing regulatory challenges

Mancozeb, which has a long history but is still popular, is facing many challenges in 2020. The EU’s Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF Committee) held a meeting on 23rd and 24th March, 2020, to discuss if it will continue to authorize the use of mancozeb, as long-term excessive use and unreasonable application on growing areas can result in increasing rates of residue of both mancozeb and ETU. 

3. Bio-herbicides: Global Development Status And Product Inventory

With the increase of global environmental awareness and the need for sustainable agricultural development, the development of bio-herbicides with good environmental compatibility, high selectivity and strong biological activity is urgently needed. 

4. 2019 Overview of Global Registered or Launched Pesticides and Analysis of Key Varieties

By solving basic problems one by one, new application requirements have been continuously raised, such as resistance management, safety and environment-friendliness, product utilization rate improvement and biodiversity protection. In such a context, it becomes increasingly difficult to find new pesticide ingredients, resulting in lower efficiency, requiring more time and higher costs in terms of new product research and development.

5. 13 Brazilian Agribusiness startups to keep an eye on in 2021

Renato Seraphim highlighted 13 startups that in his opinion bring something different and a very clear focus on a clear solution for the chain. 

6. Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC) – The Future of Agrochemical Formulation?

In agrochemicals the Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) formulation is a traditional formulation type and is in essence a very simple formulation consisting mainly of the active ingredient, a solvent and an emulsifier system which helps to provide the instant emulsification when the product is added to the spray tank. 

7. The US Agrochemical Market: Channel Facing Pressure of Profitability and Consolidation, New Commercial Approach Emerges

At the China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (2020 CPEW) held from August 27 – 28, 2020, Dean Hendrickson, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of CHS Inc and Charles Baron, FBN’s Co-Founder, delivered keynote speeches on the US market dynamics.

8. Agri-inputs industry in India: Time for a ‘Tech-Makeover’

The time has come for Indian agri inputs companies to reinvent their perspectives completely to understand their customer base (farmers) better; to view them as not just receivers of information but as collaborators; and importantly, to understand the enormous impacts of smart phones, mobile apps, internet-based technologies and e-commerce etc.

9. Observation of agrochemical companies worldwide during COVID-19 outbreak

AgroPages has communicated with agrochemical companies around the world. While exchanging greetings, AgroPages had the chance of understanding their current business situation, measures taken against the epidemic and major concerns at the moment. 

10. Biopesticides: Industry Emerging with Opportunities, Market Growing through Challenges

Innovative biopesticide products have been emerging in the market as they meet the demand of sustainable farming practices, whereas all players in the market need to overcome the challenges and obstacles to further boost biopesticide adoption. 

Source: AgroNews

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