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Dec. 31, 2020

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Dec. 31, 2020

Top 10 Interviews of 2020: Think Deeper and Go Further

This year, AgroPages talked with more thought leaders and had the chance to know more outstanding companies and get a better understanding of the agribusiness industry from various perspectives. 

Here below are the top ten stories of our readers' interests.

1. UPL: Focused on solving ag problems by breaking the ag innovation mold; Insights into the challenges for Formulation Engineering and corresponding solutions

Dr. Adrian Percy, Chief Technology Officer of UPL, talked about the changes in the value chain of UPL, the company’s strategies of product integration & development and agrochemical formulation production and major formulation types, the challenges and corresponding solutions of formulation engineering technology, some new technologies for formulation engineering, the development of automation control and artificial intelligence in formulation engineering, as well as some industry changes & countermeasures etc.

2. PI Industries: Inspired by Science, Innovation meets Collaboration to build a better tomorrow

AgroPages dialogued with Mr. Mayank Singhal, Vice Chairman & Managing Director and Dr. Raman Ramachandran, Managing Director & CEO from PI Industries, a leading agrochemical company in India. They shared the experiences on how their company succeed at complicated and changeable market environment.

3. InsuAgro is seeking opportunities in the "modify structures" age of Argentina

In the great changing ages and the unexpected macroeconomic environment of Argentina, InsuAgro developed in a stable speed estimating a growth of 13%. Rodolfo Vicetto, the Marketing Director of InsuAgro, told AgroPages that the key point of stable increase is their "best complementary line".

4. Plant Health Care: Focus on plant response elicitors technology, boost company's rapid development

Plant Health Care is a leading provider of proprietary biological products to global agricultural markets. The company attaches great importance to product R&D and is famous for its core Plant Response Elicitors technology (PREtec). Christopher Richards, the CEO of Plant Health Care, answered these questions in the interview: Why should the company focus on Plant Response Elicitors research? What products does the company currently have and how does the specific market perform? What are the plans for the future? 

5. Novel Coronavirus | Logistics of China’s agrochemical industry under the influence of epidemic situation

At the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year, COVID-19 pandemic outbroke, AgroPages was informed by readers in China and abroad that due to traffic control in China and restrictions implemented by foreign ports, the logistics and transportation of goods are now greatly influenced. AgroPages interviewed several experts from Chinese logistics companies and asked them to present the logistics information mostly concerned by our readers.

6. Envita: N-fixing bacteria for corn improves productivity and sustainability of agriculture

Envita, containing Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus, fixes N in corn and other crops beyond legumes. It is the only N-fixing bacteria to work from within the plant cells all season long, and allows every plant cell to fix N from the air. This naturally-occurring food-grade microbe improves both yield and sustainability of agriculture. In this interview, Nolan Berg, President of Azotic, provided us with further knowledge about the background of Envita’s development, as well as the success and future plans of the product.

7. Observation on East African Agrochemical Market

This interview article, from the perspective of some leading agrochemical companies rooted in the East African market, will lead you to explore this land where crisis and potential coexist.

8. King Quenson: Focusing on a “Niche” Strategy and Delivering Brand Value through Partnership (II)

A year ago, AgroPages presented an interview with the King Quenson Industry Group, a leading Chinese exporter of pesticide formulations. Over the past year, several turbulences occurred in the global foreign trade. In such a scenario, King Quenson, after a period of deliberation and considerable efforts, developed a more determined awareness of its core values and its position in the global agrochemical value chain.

9. Growth Story of INTERMAG's TYTANIT® Biostimulant with Unique, Innovative and Patented Titanium Technology in China

In 2016, TYTANIT®, a biostimulant produced by INTERMAG from Poland, was introduced to the Chinese market by UPL Ltd. With its innovative technology and differentiated advantages, TYTANIT® stood out among many biostimulant products by winning the favor of Chinese growers, while constantly growing at an average annual growth rate of 20%.

10. Organic Coating by Ad Terram: The Future of Coating Is Here

Ad Terram is a Dutch company, which focusing on the research and innovation of technologies and own developed organic seed treatment and biostimulants products in the agricultural sector. Ad Terram is founded in 2014 with one goal: “Make new organic products which can be an alternative for chemical products/additives applied to seeds, plants and/or soil.” In an interview with AgroPages, Carla Meijles, Global Marketing & Sales Manager of Ad Terram, introduced the innovative solutions they can offer to the market and their partners. 

Source: AgroNews

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