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Canada to approve Beauveria bassiana strain ANT-03-based bioinsecticidesqrcode

Dec. 16, 2020

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Dec. 16, 2020

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act, is proposing registration for the sale and use of Beauveria bassiana strain ANT-03, BioCeres F WP, BioCeres F GR, and BioCeres D GR, containing the technical grade active ingredient Beauveria bassiana strain ANT-03.

Beauveria bassiana strain ANT-03 is a fungus that infects and kills insects. It is the active ingredient in BioCeres products, which are biological insecticides. BioCeres F WP is a commercial class product for use in certain agricultural crops and in turf. BioCeres F GR and BioCeres D GR are commercial and domestic class products, respectively, for use in turf.

BioCeres F WP is suitable for use in organic production of vegetable crops. All three products are suitable for use on turf in places where use of conventional chemical insecticides is restricted or not desired by the user.

BioCeres F WP reduces numbers of Colorado potato beetle in potato, tomato, bell pepper and eggplant crops and tarnished plant bug in spinach, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, celery, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry crops. Some of these uses have been identified as priorities for organic growers in Canada. All three products reduce numbers of chinch bug and of European chafer and Japanese beetle larvae in turf. These products provide a new mode of action for all of these uses.

Before making a final registration decision on B. bassiana strain ANT-03 and BioCeres F WP, BioCeres F GR, and BioCeres D GR, Health Canada’s PMRA will consider any comments received from the public. Health Canada will accept written comments on this proposal before January 29, 2021.

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