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Oct. 22, 2020

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Oct. 22, 2020

Biological agro-inputs have been the key to the sustainable agriculture to meet the healthy food/feed requirement and for the eco-protection. The reports on this industry and market are increasingly demanded by the readers who are searching for such products and partnership, or working on new tech R&D and market expansion. We list most-viewed biologicals news, including newly launched/patented products, business collaboration and viewpoints from the industry, that were released in September 2020 on AgroPages.

Futureco Bioscience obtains its first patents for bionematicides

The European Patent Office has granted Futureco Bioscience the certificate of the patents EP 3209132 B1 "Bacteria with nematicide activity and ability to promote plant growth" and EP 3258785 B1 "Ensifer adhaerens with nematicide activity". The first product, based on the B25 strain of Lysobacter enzymogenes, is expected to begin the long authorization process as a new phytosanitary active substance during 2021 globally, while several of the prototypes of Ensifer adhaerens strains are being evaluated in massive trials in different regions. J.M. Lara, Technical and Regulatory Affairs Manager: "These patents are some of the fruits of the R&D lines of work that Futureco Bioscience started more than 27 years ago in the development of tools for sustainable agriculture. Today this effort is more justified than ever for the protection of consumer health and the environment". More >>

Agri Star is positioned as the leader in the bio-inputs market in Argentina

During the latest 10 years, Agri Star has been working on the incorporation of specialties to position itself within the bio-inputs market. In 2014, the firm began to trade its first own organic insecticide “StarEco”, earning critical distribution and development agreements with foreign companies. This was the beginning of exciting developments in the Agri Star portfolio. “Signing distribution and development agreements open us to this market and to the interest of many leading bio-input companies looking for the right partner to introduce their products into the region. Agri Star is a pioneer when it comes to bio-crop protection and bio-fertilization, and we are sure that this is the future of the industry,” said Eng. Ezequiel Nardini, Agri Star Manager, when asked about the importance of obtaining commercial agreements with foreign partners. More >>

Acadian Plant Health™ launches  Acadian Open Academy

Through a new innovation engine, Acadian Plant Health™ will provide the grower with a complete toolbox to reduce the uncertainty of crop productivity in today’s climate.  “Research and Development has begun on new and unique combinations of seaweed-based biostimulants that will optimize abiotic stress management for crops”, says Nelson Gibson, President Acadian Plant Health™. Acadian Open Academy is a scientific advisory board of twelve experts from eight countries that will validate, enhance, and contribute to a new wave of technology that compliments seaweed extract. More >>

Bioinsecticide with high amounts of Cry, Vip3 launched in Brazil

It is a biological product based on the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis that produces high amounts of spores and crystals of the proteins Cry and Vip3. These proteins are very efficient in controlling caterpillars, which positions the product as an important technology in managing the caterpillar (Spodoptera frugiperda). This is an important pest that attacks several crops in addition to cotton, soy, sorghum, vegetables, legumes and fruits. According to the manufacturers, this product is the result of a decade of research. The bioinsecticide has a liquid formulation and is easy to handle and apply. Its crystals and spores, when ingested by the caterpillar, cause the intestines to rupture killing it. More >>

Phosphites act as potent Biostimulants, by encouraging root development and improving Nitrogen assimilation

Since 2018 the Phosphite Biostimulant Stewardship Group (PBSG) has aimed to ensure the continued responsible use of Phosphites for Biostimulation of Plants, particularly in the context of the new EU fertilising regulations (Regulation (EU) 2019/1009). To this aim the PBSG group works with scientists and researchers from both industry and academia to promote scientific based evidence to stakeholders such as European Regulators. Tradecorp is one of six founding members of the PBSG group. Studies clearly demonstrate that Phosphites have a direct Biostimulant effect on plants. This scientific knowledge is confirmed by practical farmer, as well as market, knowledge about Phosphites, where they are well known as strong plant Biostimulants. More >>

CEV and Ceradis sign biofungicide R&D agreement

CEV produces and commercializes biofungicides which active ingredient is a polypeptide, called BLAD, obtained from germinated lupin seeds. Ceradis develops and sells innovative environmental friendly products for plant nutrition & crop protection. The agreement's goal is to deliver new biological crop protection products to farmers as an alternative to chemicals. This will enable farmers to protect their crops with biologicals, while reducing the rate of chemicals used per hectare of farmland and lowering residues on the crop. This will advance CEV’s goal to commercialize polypeptide-based fungicides and Ceradis’ mission to help farmers feed the world sustainably. More >>

EU Biopesticide regulation: Can technology developers survive?

BioProtection solutions present one of the fastest growing sectors in crop protection and pest control, but their development and uptake are being delayed and obstructed in the EU by irrelevant regulations that are preventing them from reaching the market. There is an urgent need for a review of European regulatory requirements for BioProtection solutions, to ensure that end-users in the EU have access to these products and to allow developers and manufacturers in the EU to compete fairly with their counterparts in other parts of the world. More >>

Rizobacter and Marrone Bio Innovations form a Strategic Alliance to deploy novel plant health and crop nutrition technology in South America

Rizobacter, a subsidiary of Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. (NYSE: BIOX) and global leader in sustainable solutions for agriculture, and Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (NASDAQ: MBII) (MBI), an international leader in sustainable bioprotection and plant health solutions, announced the signing of an exclusive agreement to distribute a foliar fertilizer and plant health technology in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. More >>

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