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UPL Argentina launches fungicide to treat peanut seeds with three active ingredientsqrcode

Jul. 31, 2020

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Jul. 31, 2020

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages

UPL Argentina launched the new Rancona Trio Therapeutic Seed Fungicide that combines three active ingredients (Ipconazole, Metalaxyl and Carboxin) and promotes a better emergence, even in adverse conditions. 

The high pathogen load in the seed and the soil affects the implantation of the crop and is one of the main challenges facing the peanut producer. 

Due to this, the application of seed therapies becomes the safest, cheapest and most effective way to address the problem. According to UPL, Rancona Trio is presented as the perfect ally for planting, since it ensures a rapid and uniform birth of plants, stimulating their initial growth even under adverse conditions.

Rancona Trio is classified as a class IV product and stands out for its ease of use. In turn, it is compatible with polymers and other products used in seed treatments without the need for adding therapeutics in the mix (Ready mix). It shares a synergy with Biozyme TF, for better implantation in cold and wet soil conditions.

Biozyme TF is a fertilizer with a biostimulant action which contains plant extracts that promote the synthesis of auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins by the crop. It works as a starter making the peanut seed imbibe more vigor and germination energy, which results in a better and faster emergence even at low temperatures.

The combination of Biozyme TF with Rancona Trio is part of Pronutiva, an exclusive UPL program that integrates biosolutions with crop protection products. Through this initiative, the company has established itself as a leader in the treatment of peanuts with a complete portfolio that covers all the needs of the crop, either at a specific stage of its development or throughout the entire cycle of the plant.

When compared to other competing products, Rancona Trio not only showed a greater root and vegetative development in peanuts but also a 54.5% higher plant emergence than the control cases, all aspects that led to a higher yield in grain.

The key to Rancona Trio lies in the combination of its three active ingredients, which makes it one of the most complete and effective seed treatments on the market. Together, Ipconazole, Metalaxil and Carboxin offer a broad spectrum of disease protection through contact and systemic action, resulting in preventive and curative control during germination and seedling development.

In addition to being highly competitive against seed and soil pathogens, the combination of three different modes of action greatly lowers the risks of generating resistance to fungicides. This is an increasingly pressing problem for producers that requires effective and sustainable strategies over time.  

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Source: AgroNews

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