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Pilarquim Jambo East Africa’s quest for robust agricultural marketqrcode

Jul. 24, 2020

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Jul. 24, 2020

Pilarquim Jambo East Africa’s quest for robust agricultural market

Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. which was streamlined from a long line of Yuen‐Fa Chemical Co. Ltd. commenced operations in 1961 and has a history of nearly 60 years. 

Pilarquim, a multinational agrochemical company with formulation products, adjuvant products, ISO certificates and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) laboratory has always been dedicated to providing high-quality plant protection products and services for agriculture all over the world. Pilarquim has more than 400 registrations globally and years of experience in market development based on an independent brand.

The fall armyworm (FAW) originated in South America but is now what the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) describes as “a dangerous transboundary insect”, found in more than 100 countries. Farmers in Eastern Africa have been urged to remain alert to the presence of FAW during the 2019-2020 crop production seasons and to regularly scout their crops for larvae and eggs. With a high degree of insight into the potential opportunities of business in the agrochemical market of East Africa, based on its experience working for dozens of years in African market conditions, Pilarquim sent a team, headed by its Chairman Mu Canxian. The technical team in MEA visited Kenya and Tanzania in 2019 to seek out opportunities by visiting local distributors to discover more about their usage of products, agrochemicals, systems, weather, etc. and to offer the solutions on how to develop more products and help farmers reap a better harvest.


Pilarquim observed that this was very important, as early detection could be the key to containing FAW outbreaks and other field crop pests. With a list of registered agrochemicals and some new registrations for the main crops in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Pilarquim is now selling many popular products. Insecticides: EXTRATHRIN (Thiomethoxam + Lambda-cyhalothrin) against thrips on onion; SUPERFENTHRIN (Bifenthrin) against aphids on cabbage; REAPER (Lambda-cyhalothrin 100 g/L EW), a more friendly environmental pesticide formulation to control Lepidoptera larva for cabbage. Furthermore, Pilarquim will launch SUPER-ACTIV (Clothianidin + Lambda-Cyhalothrin) in an advanced ZC formulation type and PILARANDO (Emamectin Benzoate + Indoxacarb) for the complete solution to control FAW from egg, larvae and adult period. Fungicides: SUPERDICLO (Dimethomorph + Prochloraz) against late blight on tomatoes; PILARZEB (Mancozeb) for a wide range of field crops, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and ornamentals; WHEATWISE (Tebuconazole) for foliar disease; PILARTEP (Tebuconazole + Pyraclostrobin) with a patent in China for its synergism coefficients up to 289.8, and with high C/P value. There are Herbicides such as AGRI MORE (2,4-D). Additionally, with unique PGR PILAROPTIM (Gibberellic acid + Indol-3-ylacetic acid + 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid), it has multiple functions to improve plant immunity and improve yield. Pilarquim expects to be a leading manufacturer and supplier in East Africa by launching a serious of highly differentiated products to integrate with chemical control tools and complete pest and disease management in this entire agriculture region.


At present, export products of Pilarquim, which include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers, are sold in more than 60 countries and regions in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America and South America. 

With its local distributors, Pilarquim will very soon organize events for farmers to present their complete range of products for East African growers to explain the benefits, advantages and methods of application for optimum results of these agrochemicals. 

With the innovative formulations (DF/SC/OD/CS/ZC), farmer-oriented solutions and services, Pilarquim will invest US$8 million on R&D and global registrations (800 products, mainly differentiated) as it sees opportunities in showing the way and promoting new trends by offering new off-patent active ingredients and more “upright” products.

There will always be a good opportunity to introduce the growers of high-end products and show them how they can benefit from the company’s products. While the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world, there is still a stable demand for pesticides. Pilarquim will embrace the seasonal rise in incoming orders though the challenges that usually exist in the East African market.

Source: AgroNews

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