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AGROGOLD® NPK 4-3-2 ORGANIC FERTILIZER - ‘OMRI’-listed 100% Natural fertilizer, a gift of organic matter and nutrientsqrcode

May. 29, 2020

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May. 29, 2020
AGROGOLD® NPK 4-3-2 organic fertilizer is a high quality fertilizer, with a high percentage of organic matter, and organic nutrients. The combined gift of both, nutrients and organic matter, ensures an increase of the soil quality and therefore the yield. This 100% Natural fertilizer is produced in conformity with the EU regulations 1069/2009 and 142/2011, and distributed by Simonis Fertilizers B.V., in The Netherlands.

Besides the main nutrients and trace elements, AGROGOLD® NPK 4-3-2 organic fertilizer contains a high percentage (65 - 70%) of organic matter. Particularly for exhausted soils, the increase of organic matter is essential. Only a combined gift of both nutrients and organic matter allows an increase of the soil quality and therefore the yield.

Especially soils in tropic climates have a huge demand of organic matter due to the fast mineralisation of organic matter. To compare: the mineralisation rate of organic matter in The Netherlands is approx. 2 %, in Australia it is approx. 4 % and in tropical countries it can increase up to approx. 8 %.

Within 90 days after application, about 20 % of the organic matter of the organic fertilizer in pellet form, is being mineralised. The rest stays in the soil as a stable organic matter. As a result it stabilizes and improves the ‘moisture retaining capacity’ of the soil.

Mineralization of organic nutrients

Unlike mineral fertilizers, AGROGOLD® NPK 4-3-2 organic fertilizer contains nutrients of organic origin. All nutrients work together in a delicate balance to promote plant growth. The role of any fertilizer is to improve the fertility of the soil. The soil supports plant life and is the vehicle that supplies the necessary nutrients to the plant. The release of the nutrients depends, among other things, on the size and shape of the organic fertilizer;

40-70 % of the total amount of nitrogen in AGROGOLD® NPK 4-3-2 organic fertilizer is being released within a period of 3 months. The remaining nitrogen stays in the N-pool of the soil and will be available in the following years thus creating a slow-release-effect. Resulting in reduction of nitrogen leaching.

In first year, the mineralization of phosphate, is about 40 - 60 % when pelletized, and 80-100% in crumble or powder form. As potassium is water soluble, it is 100 % available for the plants.

Processed organic fertilizer vs fresh manure

Due to the production process, organic fertilizers have, besides that they contain a higher percentage of stable organic matter, a big advantage in comparison with fresh manure. AGROGOLD® NPK 4-3-2 organic fertilizer is produced from 100 % chicken manure, and in conformity with the EU regulation 1069/2009 and 142/2011. This means that the production locations are under control of the Dutch veterinarian authority (NVWA). The produced fertilizer is free from Salmonella and Enterogerms and the formation of spores and toxins is restrained, and during storage at the production unit there is no chance of contamination, polluting, or moistening of the fertilizer. Altogether, this means that processed organic fertilizers are, unlike fresh manure, of a high, constant and verifiable quality.

AGROGOLD® NPK 4-3-2 organic fertilizer is ‘OMRI-Listed’-certified, so it safe and easy to use in organic, as well as traditional, agriculture. AGROGOLD® NPK 4-3-2 organic fertilizer is a product with two functions: it supplies the needs of nutrients requirements and secondly improves the soil structure. The more fertile a soil is (i.e. rich in organic matter) the more likely it is to yield a healthy and abundant crop.

Benefits of processed AGROGOLD® NPK 4-3-2 organic fertilizer vs fresh manure:

•  high, constant and verifiable quality.
•  guaranteed amount of nutrients.
•  reliable forecast of nitrogen release.
•  free of pathogens and weed seeds.
•  high percentage of stable organic matter.
•  dry matter content of approx. 90%
•  easy storage.
•  good solubility.
•  easy applying by regular fertilizer spreader, or by hand.
•  lower application rate compared to fresh manure. 
•  available throughout the year.


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