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Yuanzheng Fine Chemicals to launch chemical series project in China including annual 10,000-ton 2-chloro-5-methylpyridineqrcode

May. 29, 2020

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May. 29, 2020
The Development and Reform Commission of China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region approved, on March 2, 2020, the energy-saving report on the chemical series project of Inner Mongolia Yuanzheng Fine Chemicals, including an annual 2-chloro-5-methylpyridine production capacity.
The scope of the project of Yuanzheng Fine Chemicals includes an annual production of 10,000-ton 2-chloro-5-methylpyridine, 6,000-ton 2-chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine, 1,200-ton o-aminobenzoic acid, 1,200-ton 5-[2-(ethylsulfanyl)propyl]-3-hydroxy-2-propanoylcyclohex-2-en-1-one , 500-ton  fluazifop P butyl, 2,500-ton haloxyfop-R-methyl, 5,000-ton glufosinate,1,000-ton 3-(difluoromethyl)-1-methyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylic acid, 5,000-ton 3-Phenoxy-benzaldehyde, 500-ton prothioconazole intermediate,100-ton chloroaniline, and 1,000-ton 2-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)pyridine as well as a comprehensive pilot platform.
The project is located in Wuda Industrial Park, Wuhai City. The contents of construction include production workshops, pilot test platforms (chloroaniline) and supporting facilities. So far, Yuanzheng Fine Chemicals has filed eight patents associated with its 2-chloro-5-methylpyridine, two of which have been granted. These are, respectively, the “method of continuous preparation of 2-chloro-5-methylpyridine using microchannel reactor” and the “fluorine-containing interior heat exchange dichloromethyl (trichloromethyl) carbonic ester appliance and method.”
The process adopted by Yuanzheng Fine Chemicals in the first phase of the annual 10,000-ton 2-chloro-5-methylpyridine production is based on full utilization of the resources in the local region, which will help to achieve recycling of the acid base resources. The process will enable constructive interaction and coordinated resource development with the industrial park and production in the surrounding areas, which forms a joint promotion of the regional economic and social development.
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