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May. 11, 2020

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May. 11, 2020

TOP 10 Product News in April 2020

In April 2020, AGROPAGES released a total of 52 news related to product development, registration, launch or cooperative distribution. Product-related news has always been the focus of readers. From the product news, you can get real-time information on the latest research and development of products by companies around the world, as well as the launch process of products. From this month, AGROPAGES will count the TOP 10 product news with the most reading and sharing in the previous month.
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1. Syngenta to distribute Rizobacter's biofungicide Rizoderma in Argentina
Rizoderma’s formulation is completely biological, based on the Trichoderma Harzianum 2 (TH2) strain, selected to be effective in combating the development of the most important diseases in winter cereals such as: Fusarium Graminearum, Bipolaris sorokiniana and Drechslera Tritici repentis that dwell in the soil and the seed.

A 100 % liquid product that is applied directly on the seed
Compatible with other products, even those of synthetic origin.
Provides the necessary vigor that favors the strengthening of the seedling, during the whole germination and surfacing period
Provides the greatest residual power available in the market
Promotes new more efficient and prolonged defense mechanisms
EMERION® 7700 is a state-of-the art technology and a natural biodegradable product that allows cleaner and more environmentally friendly agricultural activity, therefore, responding to the need for ecological and sustainable agriculture.EMERION® 7700 acts differently from traditional agrochemicals. It moves through the cuticle and cell membranes and lowers the internal pH of plant cells, then minutes later it causes cell membranes to malfunction. Over the next few minutes, cellular ATP and glucose-6-phosphate stores decrease, and there is evidence of membrane dysfunction that eventually leads to cellular leakage, collapse and tissue desiccation. This process visibly affects green tissue in leaves, through the rapid effects of burning, defoliation and eventual destruction of the weed.
Alite 27 herbicide is the first and only group 27 herbicide (4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase, HPPD) available for use in soybeans as part of the LibertyLink® GT27™ soybean trait system.
Research by Stratus Ag shows that nearly 75 percent of growers nationwide are dealing with glyphosate -resistant weeds in their fields, and of those growers, 58 percent are experiencing resistance to other modes of action. With Alite 27 herbicide, growers will now have a new mode of action for soybeans and another tool to fight weeds in their fields when planting LibertyLink GT27 soybeans.
Sunfire is a residual herbicide for use in winter cereals for the control of black-grass, annual meadow grass and some broad-leaved weeds. A suspension concentrate containing 500 g/litre flufenacet. Unlike other flufenacet products, it can be applied to rye and triticale as well as winter barley and winter wheat so generally in all winter cereals, for both pre- and post-emergence use. Independent trials show control of black-grass, annual meadow grass and some broad-leaved weeds comparing favourably to other flufenacet products. 
Altus, containing Flupyradifurone, is a novel insecticide that is a great fit for integrated pest management programs and can be used at any time during the production cycle. With an excellent non-target safety profile, Altus is compatible with many beneficial predators, as well as honey bees and bumble bees.
Other product features of Altus insecticide include:
• Drench applications for long-lasting control
• No application timing restrictions. Labeled for use before, during and after plant bloom
• Excellent residual control up to 4-6 weeks
• Four-hour re-entry interval (REI) minimizes business disruption (12-hour REI in CA)
• Rapid and strong feeding cessation effect on targeted insects
• Rotational chemistry reduces risk of resistance
• One product treats all greenhouse crops, including vegetable transplants
• Classified as a reduced risk product by the EPA
NemaTrident®CT (cold-tolerance) contains Heterorhabditis downesi and offers a highly effective chemical-free, low temperature solution to greenkeepers, sports turf managers, crop growers, plant producers and arboriculturists who are finding it difficult to control these pests in lower temperature soils. The product provides protection against a wide range of agricultural, horticultural and forestry pests - including vine weevil, pine weevil, chafer grubs, leatherjackets, cutworms and offers successful results when used in the late spring and autumn when soil temperatures can dip to as low as 5°C.
Mevalone is a terpene-based fungicide that targets Botrytis, a widespread fungal disease that causes grey mould on many fruits and vegetables leading to the rapid loss of commercially valuable crops.
8. Marrone Bio announces introduction of New Synergistic plant health product available to corn, soybean and wheat growers
Pacesetter™, a bio-based plant health product, can be used on corn, soybean and wheat. Pacesetter acts synergistically with conventional fungicides to improve plant health and vigor, increasing yield by up to seven bushels per acre in soybeans and 13 bushels per acre in corn. The active ingredient in Pacesetter is a plant extract from Reynoutria sachalinensis, a compound that delivers multiple modes of action. When used with conventional fungicides, Pacesetter promotes root growth, and increases chlorophyll production in the crop, resulting in yield increases beyond that of a grower’s standard fungicide program. 
9. BioSafe Systems issues new 2(ee) label addition to disease control product OxiDate 5.0
OxiDate® 5.0, containing hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid, is an EPA-registered broad spectrum liquid bactericide/fungicide that eliminates pathogens on wide variety of crops, including pulse and row crops. Its chemistry works on contact with no residues or known resistance, allowing for frequent applications with consistent results. OxiDate 5.0 is the “keystone” to any successful spray program as it ensures an increased ROI by delivering dependable results at a competitive price.
Grotto is a copper octanoate, broad-spectrum fungicide that has activity on many greenhouse and nursery fungal and bacterial diseases. Labeled for use on ornamentals plus vegetables and herbs grown in greenhouses, shadehouses, and nurseries. Grotto has a 4-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI), Caution signal word, and OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listing. Grotto is labelled for control of several challenging fungal and bacterial diseases such as bacterial leaf spot and blight, botrytis, downy mildew, fire blight, fungal leaf spot, powdery mildew and rhizoctonia, on many ornamentals.

If you would like to publish your product information via AgroPages, please submit to agropages@vip.163.com for our editorial evaluation.
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