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May. 8, 2020

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May. 8, 2020
By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages

The Colmeia Viva Movement celebrated the signing of an agreement with the National Association of Distributors of Agricultural and Veterinary Supplies (ANDAV), allowing it access to 70% of agrochemical distributors in Brazil. The coordination of the initiative, organized by agrochemical companies to protect pollinators, aims to promote the correct use of pesticides.

“We have as a shared cause to bring agriculture and beekeeping closer together, the farmer and the beekeeper. The constructive relationship between the two is key to the effective protection of crops and the preservation of bees,” explained veterinarian Daniel Espanholeto, who is the specialist in the correct and safe use of the Colmeia Viva Movement.

The movement signed the cooperation agreement with ANDAV to mobilize agrochemical dealers to disseminate services provided to farmers and beekeepers. The president of the distributors' association, agronomist Paulo Tibúrcio, stated, “ANDAV encourages distributors to advise bee farmers from the moment of sale until the delivery of products. Creating a more sustainable agriculture is the principle of longevity for Andav associates.”

Also, according to Tibúrcio, the entity encourages distributors to recommend the services of Colmeia Viva Technical Assistance. “This is a free channel. It guides farmers, beekeepers and services providers on the relationship between agriculture, beekeeping and crop protection products,” said agroeconomist Rhaissa Michievicy, analyst in the correct and safe use of Colmeia Viva.

According to her, another tool considered strategic by the movement is the free application, Colmeia Viva. “Farmers and beekeepers talk in real time. The first registers, demarcates the area and sends warnings when there will be product applications. The second registers their apiary and highlights where their hives are located. If it is positioned within a six-kilometer radius of the crop, beekeepers receive a warning and decide on the best form of protection,” she added.

Espanholeto and Rhaissa stressed that there is a significant reduction in reports of bee mortality to Colmeia Viva channels recorded last year, which stands out among the movement’s key achievements since its establishment in 2014. “This development is highly relevant, due to the industry’s recognition of their role in integrating farmers and beekeepers. Shared actions generate mutual economic benefits,” Espanholeto noted.

Paulo Tiburcio (Andav's Chief Executive) also pointed out that the entity has a direct channel to over 1,700 members. “The distributor is a promoter of technology and good agricultural practices. Andav also promotes the formalization of beekeeping activities throughout Brazil. This measure is essential to forming an increasingly productive and sustainable relationship between agriculture and beekeeping,” he said.

Source: AgroNews

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