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Brazil: Syngenta endorses pioneering nature of pipeline, introduces new technologies for crop protection, seed treatmentqrcode

Apr. 28, 2020

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Apr. 28, 2020
Committed to adding innovation to the offer of technologies to help farmers achieve high sustainable productivity, Syngenta anticipated the characteristics of its pipeline and also presented its new portfolio in the categories of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and seed treatment.

These highlights were detailed at the Novel Digital Technology Station (Estação Novas Tecnologias Digital) event, which, in its 2020 edition. The meeting confirmed the company's commitment to launch two new active ingredients per year, totaling more than 50 new products in the coming years.

Novel Digital Technology Station brought together experts from Syngenta who, in addition to the novelties, demonstrated the importance of the correct management of pests, diseases and weeds, essential to combat pests and diseases that threaten the most important Brazilian cultures.

The spokespersons also reinforced the company's commitment to investments in research and development, of US$1.3 billion a year. The company has thousands of professionals, across more than 100 centers of excellence worldwide, to meet the global challenges of agribusiness.

Releases 2020


One of the main technologies presented was BRAVONIL TOP, a broad-spectrum fungicide, which was highly effective in controlling the disease. According to Paulo Laurente, Fungicide Products Manager, the product's effectiveness was derived from the intelligent combination of two fungicides with complementary actions, one monosite and another multisite, which gives the product a broad spectrum, as well as the flexibility to be applied in all phases of crop development.

Another important characteristic is its action in several cultures, such as peanuts and beans, for which the product is registered. Subsequently, the package leaflet will be extended to cotton and other crops.

“BRAVONIL TOP is an indispensable tool for the control of the main diseases of beans and peanuts, as it ensures a broad spectrum of control with high efficiency, thanks to the combination of a Triazole and a multisite fungicide. It is, therefore, a fundamental technology in the management of resistance of the main diseases,” Laurente stressed.


In the insecticide category, the highlights were MINECTO PRO and AMPLIGO PRO. The first is the technology for soybean crops, bean, cotton, potato, tomato, citrus, fruits, legumes and vegetables. The product has a unique control over several pests, such as whiteflies, caterpillars and mites, as well as psyllids and miners. According to Henrique Franco, Insecticide Products Manager, its main differentials are the superiority of performance and versatility, providing an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

“MINECTO PRO combines two active ingredients, cyantraniliprole and abamectin, ensuring differentiated control of target pests,” he said.

AMPLIGO PRO, on the other hand, presents the synergy between chloranthraniliprole diamide and abamectin that provides superior performance for controlling caterpillars and mites in cotton. With its two modes of action, it has excellent shock action and a long control period, in addition to translaminar action, rapid absorption and good leaf persistence. “AMPLIGO PRO is endorsed by the main researchers, offers a spectrum of control and convenience in the application, protecting the productive potential of cotton,” Henrique explained.


Among herbicides, Syngenta presented two new solutions. One of them is GROVER, a pre-emergent product focused on sugarcane culture. Graminicide, has a broad spectrum and long residual effect. The product is flexible, with the possibility of being applied in plant cane and cane, even in the semi-wet and semi-dry periods.

“GROVER is a low volatility herbicide, so it is very safe for neighboring crops. One of its main differentials is the selectivity for sugarcane,” underlines Luis Andrade, Herbicide Products Manager.

The other highlight in the category is CALIPEN SC. With post-emergent action, it is highly selective for sugar cane, that is, it controls weeds without causing damage to the crop. The product can be used at any stage of cultivation, including through aerial application. Andrade also pointed out that the solution "has a broad spectrum, with effective control of concomitant broad leaves and grasses."

Seed treatment

For seed treatment, Syngenta's portfolio was reinforced with CLARIVA SKY, which operated in the biological management of nematodes in soybean crops. The solution consisted of two agents: a proven biological nematicide and a powerful biostimulant. “The perfect combination of these products makes it possible to manage nematodes in the most critical period of soybean establishment, providing a greater volume of roots and greater plant height, increasing the final productivity of the crop,” highlighted Carlos Tonet, Product Manager for Seed Treatment.

The original Portuguese version of this piece is from Syngenta Brasil.

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