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Mar. 19, 2020

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Mar. 19, 2020
China has continued its pesticide reduction and efficiency increase initiative, as well as its efforts to promote the technological innovation of novel pesticides, to create environmentally-friendly, efficient and low-toxicity pesticides.
Pilarquim has actively responded to this national policy and conducted research in novel formulations and cutting-edge compounds. As a result, a breakthrough was made in the development of microcapsule suspension formulations. Over several years, a series of microcapsule based on various compounds have been developed, which have significantly contributed to China’s related initiative, as well as its pollution control efforts. Cutting-edge microcapsule suspension technology has also become the core competitiveness of Pilarquim.
Microcapsule suspension formulation is a type of pesticide formulation that uses synthetic or natural polymer materials to form a core-shell structured micro container, enabling pesticides to be coated and suspended in water. The product consists of two parts, which are the core and shell. The core contains the pesticide’s active ingredient and solvent while the shell is a film-forming polymer material with a particle size of 2-50 μm. The microcapsule suspension formulation has the advantages of controllable release, prolonged lasting effect of active ingredient, improved stability of pesticide, high environmental-resistance, lower toxicity, reduced harm to health, and no odor, which are incomparable to other formulations currently available on the market.
The microcapsule suspension technology was firstly released to the overseas industry, and include some insecticides and fungicides whose technical issues and cost constraints have been solved that were developed rapidly in China in a fierce market. Pilarquim could become a leading product in the market backed by its quality and stability, and will play a role in presenting Chinese-made products as being as good as international ones.
At present, the microcapsule products launched or to be launched by Pilarquim in China include PILARCLOTRIN (Lambda-cyhalothrin 135g/L + Clothianidin 145g/L ZC), PILARGOLD (S-Metolachlor 480g/L CS), PILARCOVER (Butachlor 286g/L + Oxadiargyl 32g/L CS), PILARMECTIN (Abamectin 53g/L CS), PILARWIN (Prochloraz 10% + Fenoxanil 15% ZC). In the future, more innovative microcapsule suspension portfolios will be developed. With registrations being granted overseas, the worldwide promotion and sale of Pilarquim’s microcapsule products are expected.
PILARCLOTRIN (Lambda-cyhalothrin 135g/L + Clothianidin 145g/L ZC), a highly-efficient microcapsule insecticide that is key to the national pesticide reduction and efficiency increase initiative. With the same effect, the required amount of the product is 28.7% less than other formulations.

PILARGOLD (S-Metolachlor 480g/L CS), a patented microcapsule selective pre-emergence herbicide, which is key to the national pesticide reduction and efficiency increase initiative. With the same effect, the amount of  active ingredient is some 40% less than other products.

PILARMD (Lambda-cyhalothrin 250g/L CS), a high-content Lambda-cyhalothrin microcapsule product. With the same effect, the amount required is 30% less than other formulations.
PILARMECTIN (Abamectin 53g/L CS),an abamectin microcapsule product. With the same dosage, the duration of effectiveness is 2.5 times longer than other formulations.
PILARWIN (Prochloraz 10% + Fenoxanil 15% ZC),a prochloraz-fenoxanil microcapsule product that prevents and controls rice blast, concurrently with sclerotial blight and false smut. The amount required is reduced by 30% compared to other formulations.

PILARCOVER (Butachlor 286g/L + Oxadiargyl 32g/L CS), It is a patented microcapsule herbicide for pre-emergence application on transplanting rice field and dry direct seeding field. With the same effect, the amount of active ingredient is reduced by some 40%.

More microcapsule products are on the way to ensure fruit safety, vegetable safety, and food safety for your table.
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