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What is the mechanism of high-growth promoting activity of Natural Brassinolide on plants?qrcode

Mar. 9, 2020

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Mar. 9, 2020
1. What is Natural Brassinolide?

Natural Brassinolide, with its main active ingredient, 14-Hydroxylated Brassin osteroid (CAS NO.: 457603-63-3), is a class of plant hormone with high-growth promoting activity found in pollen, anthers, seeds, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, grain, and young vegetative tissues throughout the plant kingdom with particularly high pollen contents. 
In China, Rape pollen is abundant and cheap. Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd. developed Natural Brassinolide from rape pollen and obtained many by-products, such as various proteins and Polysaccharide (about 60%). Its use in health foods can greatly reduce the production cost of Natural Brassinolide. This approach makes it possible to industrialize the production of Natural Brassinolide. 

Natural Extraction Method for the Industrialization of Natural Brassinolide from Rape Pollen

2. The mechanisms of action of Natural Brassinolide

Physiological effects of natural brassinolids on plants
Cell level
Whole plant level
Effect on the protein spectrum and the amino acid composition of proteins.
Effect on the content of nutritive components and fruit quality improvement, dry matter increase.
Increases chlorophyll content and promotes photosynthesis, hence enhancing the carbohydrate biosynthesis in plants and increasing sugar content.
Effect on contents of dry matter, carbohydrates, sugar, vitamins. Total dry matter increase.
Stimulation of elongation and fission.
Growth promotion.
Effect on hormonal balance.
Increase in the success of fertilization.
Effect on enzyme activity; H+ -pump activation.
Shortening the period of vegetative growth.
Activation of protein and nuclear acid synthesis.
Size and quantity of fruits will increase.
Effect on the fatty acid composition and properties of membranes.
Increased resistance to unfavorable environmental factors, such as stress and diseases, and enhanced storage of fruits.
Increased photosynthetic capacity and translocation of products.
Quality and yield rise.
Enhanced activity of SOD in the leaves of plants. More H+ ions released from the leaves, which can minimize osmosis and protect cell membranes.
Enhanced defense system and immunity of plants, as well as storage of fruits.

3. Notable functions of Natural Brassinolide observed by Chengdu Newsun Crop Science

1) Promotes bud formation, ensures more flowers and fruits

2) Seed treatment: increases seed germination and seed vigor

3) Enhances crop immune system to resist drought, cold, etc:

4) Relieves harmful chemical stress caused by herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers

5) Use in soil applications to promote root growth and increase fertilizer absorption

4. Commercially available natural brassinolide developed by Chengdu Newsun Crop Science

1) Formulation (powder form): Natural brassinolide 0.01% SP
2) Formulation (Liquid form): Natural Brassinolide 0.01% SL, 0.0075% SL
3) Technical grade: Natural Brassinolide 5% TC, 80% TC
Source: AgroNews

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