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Iowa growers increase corn yields by an average of 9 bu/ac when using N fixing Envitaqrcode

−− Naturally-occuring Envita gives farmers a new tool to help increase yields

Feb. 19, 2020

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Feb. 19, 2020
Two corn trials with the Iowa Soybean Association validate previous findings which show how Envita offers season-long N fixation capabilities, and when applied with a recommended nitrogen fertility programs, increases corn yield. These two independent trials compared corn results on Envita treated crop vs. untreated crop and showed a yield increase with an average of 9 bu/ac. 
The first corn trial was conducted in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, following soybean rotation. Rainfall in the area was above average from March to September and the yield results showed an increase of 12 bushels/ac on plants treated with Envita.
The second trial was conducted in Washington County, Iowa. The corn treated with Envita demonstrated an average increase of 7 bushels/ac. The treated corn was in the ground following previous soybean harvest in an area which also demonstrated above average rainfall.
Nitrogen loss due to leaching can be a major issue for growers when moisture is high. Both Iowa trials demonstrate how Envita supports plant growth throughout the growing season even in difficult environmental conditions. Envita is the only N-fixing bacteria that works from within plant cells throughout the foliage and roots to fix nitrogen all season long. Envita provides nitrogen to the plant where it is most needed and when it is most needed during critical growth periods.
With Envita, up to 50% of your nitrogen fertility program can be replaced or growers can maintain recommended N fertility levels and achieve a higher yield. On average, Envita delivers a 7-10 bu/ac yield increase in corn. 
Envita now available for Spring 2020 purchase
Registered in 49 states, Envita is in its second year of commercial production in the US following a farm scale trial program in 2018 and 6 years of global research trials. With commercial success in 2019, Envita has increased production and made more acres available for growers to purchase in 2020 but growers should secure their product soon as product will be sold on a first come, first served basis until sold out. Envita is available through many local dealers but can also be bought directly from Azotic if not currently carried by your local dealer. As a minimum farmers are encouraged to register online to secure supply for the spring as early registrations and sales are already high for the 2020 growing season.
Growers can find a dealer, register for product or purchase Envita online

For more information contact:
Mary Fearon, Director Communications
Azotic North America
About Envita
Envita is a naturally-occurring, food grade microbe that provides plants with the ability to fix their own nitrogen from the air replacing an average of 27% of their nitrogen needs in corn. When applied in furrow or on seed, Envita grows with the plant, metabolizing nitrogen from the atmosphere (which is 78% nitrogen). Growers can choose to use Envita with their regular fertility program for a yield boost or deliver same yields using less nitrogen.
“Row crop farmers are quite familiar with the natural nitrogen fixing abilities of crops like soybeans. Now imagine that crops like corn can also fix nitrogen on their own and not just in the roots – throughout the entire plant, all season long. It’s like turning crops into nitrogen-fixing machines,” says Erika Wagner, Chief Agronomist North America, Azotic. “Whether farmers are looking to boost their yields, reduce their nitrogen, or both, Envita provides options.”
Unlike rhizobia, which does not begin forming nodules until the root system is taking form, Envita starts to fix nitrogen very quickly and lasts all season long. This provides the plant with an additional source of nitrogen during critical growth periods where nitrogen loss may occur due to environmental conditions.
For decades, farmers have benefited from the naturally occurring bacteria Rhizobia, which fixes N in soybeans and other legume crops. However, there are two big differences between Rhizobia and Envita. The first major difference is that Envita fixes N in corn and other crops beyond legumes. The second is how Envita fixes N from within the plant cells and throughout the entire plant, as opposed to fixing N from nodules at the roots.
Extensive research and farm trials prove Envita performance
In 2018, 50 farm trials were conducted in 11 US states. Over 80% of the trials saw a yield increase with an average 7bu/ac increase, further validating previous 6 years of research trials. Now in its second year of commercial availability, the revolutionary nitrogen-fixing Envita is making a difference with farmers.
But research started long before that, in fact - Envita was originally discovered in 1988 and has been under development ever since, with a focus on North American crops since 2012. Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus or Gd for short is the primary ingredient of Envita and isolating this particularly robust strain of Gd to perform across all crops and conditions took decades before it was found, researched and patented. In 2013, Envita started doing small plot and farm scale trial across Canada and the US in preparation to launch in the US in 2019. Envita, along with a team of leading agronomists are committed to advancing the space for nitrogen solutions. 
Envita has also been submitted for registration in Canada, with the goal of commercial availability by the 2021 growing season.
About Azotic North America
Azotic North America was formed to introduce this natural nitrogen-fixing technology to farmers in North America. With a North American offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, Guelph, Ontario and a global office in Nottingham, UK, Azotic has taken more than 20 years of academic research and created the first large scale, commercially available nitrogen-fixation product and is now offering it to farmers across the globe. Finally, there is no compromise between high yield production agriculture and nitrogen sustainability. 

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