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Harvest Miracle announces cannabis research at Lethbridge University proves ionic copper can increase cannabis yields up to 25%qrcode

Jan. 13, 2020

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Jan. 13, 2020
Harvest Miracle Biolabs announced new research that identifies ionic copper as boosting cannabis yields up to 25%, while increasing terpenoid and cannabinoid content. Harvest Miracle Biolabs CEO, Peter Nieforth, revealed the news recently at Lift&Co Cannabis Expo 2020, taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia.
"Harvest Miracle is a real game changer," notes Dr. Igor Kovalchuk, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Lethbridge. "By boosting nutrient absorption, it primes the plant for enhanced growth and decreasing overall microbial counts compared to a control group," said the researcher who added, "by fighting off stressors that can drain energy from the plant, it amplifies that growth even further. The overall result is remarkable: a healthy plant with a yield that is up to 25% higher, with enhanced qualities."
"You can imagine, we're delighted with the outcome of this research," said Nieforth at his Company's booth inside the Green Planet Grow Zone, booth 730, at Lift&Co Cannabis Expo. Nieforth said, "As the only producer of an ionic copper solution aimed at supporting the cannabis industry, we're extremely well placed." This research confirms Harvest Miracle™ will become part of the standard operating procedures for cannabis producers. In a veritable sea of exhibitors at Lift&Co, Nieforth explains how Harvest Miracle™ distinguishes itself, "I tell cultivators, do not change any of your growing practices, just add Harvest Miracle to your grow and once any copper deficiency is met, enzymes are naturally released for the rapid uptake of all other nutrients including iron, calcium and manganese. Harvest Miracle is a catalysis to get the most out of all the nutrients cultivators already feed their plants."
"Harvest Miracle embodies years of hard scientific work, research and testing," Nieforth continues. "We've consulted closely with cultivators along the way, and we are confident Harvest Miracle will become an indispensable tool for cultivators and producers of every size."
Nieforth explains that the Company's confidence in its product derived from solid scientific testing that has shown a dramatic increase in yields. "Not only do crops using Harvest Miracle deliver greater yields than identical crops grown without Harvest Miracle, but the likelihood that crops will be partially or entirely lost to such threats as mites, mold and powdery mildew are considerably diminished," said Nieforth. In addition, Harvest Miracle™ also boosts terpenoid and cannabinoid content compared to a control crop, and, unlike other formulas that increase yield, it does so without compromising taste, smell, appearance or overall benefits of the final product.

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