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ARVENSIS: Zero Growth Action Plan fills China's special fertilizer market with unlimited opportunitiesqrcode

Dec. 11, 2019

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Dec. 11, 2019
Recently, Spain company ARVENSIS AGRO S.A. and China distributor Shenzhen Longergreen Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. held a press conference to announce the formal cooperation between the two companies to develop China's special fertilizer market. So far, ARVENSIS has taken another step forward in international business development. Recently, AGROPAGES interviewed Ángel Vicente, CEO of ARVENSIS, who introduced ARVENSIS and the company's views on the Chinese market to us.
Could you please introduce ARVENSIS, such as the company's development history, major product lines and major markets? 
Ángel: Since its foundation in 1998 until today, Arvensis has placed itself as a leading company in the development of technology applied to agriculture. Located in Zaragoza, Spain (strategic logistic reference area), Arvensis is today a consolidated project of development, production and distribution of plant nutritionals for agriculture. In Arvensis we design, develop and formulate plant nutritional products both liquids and solids and Organic Plant Defense Products, with the aim of giving to “the land” a range of quality added-value products, as today’s market standards request. Arvensis constantly earmarked important percentages of it’s budget for R+D+i. For this, Arvensis not only has its own fields for experimental uses, but different agreements and collaborations with research center and institutions (CDTI, IFAPA, Universities, …). Nowadays we are present in 48 countries around the world including continents of Europe, Center and South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
As a special fertilizer company, what do you think of the advantages of ARVENSIS compared to its competitors?
Ángel: Since our very beginning Arvensis has focused its work in researching, developing and manufacturing  high added value products with high differentiation in the market, that allows us to offer to our Partners all around the world innovative solutions for their growers. We are specialist in Plant Nutrition and Biostimulation and Organic Plant Protection.   
Recently, the company reached a strategic cooperation with Longergreen to develop the Chinese special fertilizer market. What kind of strategic thinking is this cooperation based on? How do you think of the Chinese special fertilizer market?

Ángel: We have a strong commitment and special relationship with our customers whose are considered as our Partners. Our philosophy is based in long term business relationship, we are looking for Partners like Longer Green who shares our same philosophy, to grow together and develop a common project. For Arvensis China is a fundamental strategic Market. China with 164 million ha of cultivated land (of which 63 million ha correspond to irrigated land) is the largest producer of agricultural products in the world and accumulates more than 50% of world production of fruits and vegetables. China is also the largest consumer of fertilizers in the world, with an average annual growth of 5.2% during the last three decades (2.5 times greater than the growth of the European Union). China is responsible for more than a third of the world consumption of chemical fertilizers (equivalent to the consumption of the United States and India together). All this data give a clear idea about the huge potential of Chinese market. Likewise, the Chinese organic agricultural sector ranks as the third largest in the world with 1.6 million hectares, and a large growth in use of organic fertilizers is expected accordingly to “Zero Growth Action Plan in the Use of Chemical Pesticides and Fertilizers” implemented by China Government in 2015. Priority is given to organic fertilizers that reduce drought and disease resistance, activate nutrients and improve soil quality and fertility . With regard to special fertilizers (Biostimulants, Defense Promoters, Elicitors, Amino acids, Vegetal Hormones, Microbiology..), their presence in the market has not stopped growing since 2005 and their use and demand in the market has been consolidated and accelerated since 2015. It is therefore a sector in constant development with enormous growth potential in the upcoming years.
As we known, ARVENSIS has a very rich product line, so which products will the company put into the Chinese market in the short term? What products will be launched in the future?
Ángel: During 2020 we will focus our work in Biostimulation, Defense Promotion, Elicitors and Special Nutrition Products, we will start next season with almost 20 different formulas specially designed for China market. Based in the great knowledge and experience of our Partner, Longer Green, and our own experience around the world we will be able to offer to Chinese Growers new solutions for their special needs. Next 2020 season starts our Longer Green and Arvensis Agro Common Project, we are just at the beginning of a long and successful way together in China.

Editor's note: AGROPAGES is based at China, so if you would like to develop China's fertilizer and biopesticide market, you are welcome to contact us, and we would like to introduce targeted distributors to you. Contact info: Paul (Email: agropages@vip.163.com)
Source: AgroNews

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