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Strategic cooperation agreement executed between Yifan Biotechnology and IQV for introduction of copper calcium sulfateqrcode

Nov. 15, 2019

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Nov. 15, 2019
November 12th, 2019, Shanghai, Yifan Biotechnology Group Ltd and INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS DEL VALLÉS, S.A. (IQV) held a signing ceremony for execution of the strategic cooperation agreement for introduction of the product Bordo - copper calcium sulfate 77% WG, whereas Yifan Biotechnology becomes IQV’s exclusive agent in China.

▲  An Agreement being signed by IQV Managing Director Jordi Graell (left) and Yifan Biotechnology Bboard Chairman Wu Kechong (right)
The board chairman and general manager Wu Kechong of Yifan Biotechnology is very optimistic about the cooperation, saying that over recent years international cooperation between pesticide companies is becoming more and more intensive, which has become a trend in the pesticide industry. The commercial crop-targeted fungicide series of Yifan Biotechnology hold a considerable market share in respect of China’s citrus and grape applications, as backed up by the good brand image of Yifan Biotechnology. IQV is a global leading copper formulation company with a history extending back for over 80 years, with solid technical strength in copper formulation productions. For Yifan Biotechnology, the cooperation between the two parties is an effective complement to our product chain. Meanwhile, the cooperation falls in line with our going global development strategy both inbound and outbound. I would like to thank our international business manager Wu Haiqin and marketing director Jia Junchao as well as their teams for their hard work on market survey and business negotiations concerning introduction of the product. For IQV, the cooperation means that IQV’s product finds its way to Chinese market on a long-term and sustainable basis. Both sides will surely seize the opportunity to make further progress to enable Bordo to become an influential and leading brand in Chinese copper formations market very soon.
IQV’s International Sales Director Marcos Muñoz holds the view that the precondition of cooperation lies on people, saying that during the meetings with Yifan Biotechnology it is so impressive and admirable to see their professional competence, quick reaction and strong power of execution. Today, there is an excess pesticide capacity globally. The times that big fish eating small fish have gone, it is now more like fast-moving fish eating slow-moving fish. This may not be an appropriate time to invest in production equipment, but a time to invest in a partner of cooperation, and a time to establish partnership with companies with common value and common objective. The main reason for our cooperation with Yifan Biotechnology is that we both could work together for common interest and common objective while the core competence of each of us is fully recognized. We believe that this strategic cooperation based upon Bordo 77% WG is just a beginning of a long-term strategic cooperation between IQV and Yifan Technology. I can assure you of a promising future.
 ▲A Speech from IQV International Sales Director Marcos Muñoz
IQV Managing Director Jordi Graell added that Yifan Biotechnology is an outstanding company in Chinese fungicide and herbicide industry while IQV is a world-famous copper formulation manufacturer with 20,000-ton technical material and 30,000-ton formulation production capacity. Through in-depth discussions, we are of the opinion that the two parties are complementary to each other in many aspects, which are the cornerstone of cooperation between the two sides. Meanwhile, now it has been over 30 years since the presence of IQV in Chinese market. We hope to explore more effectively the Chinese market through the cooperation with Yifan Biotechnology. At present, we have a number of projects under preparation in several countries and regions in cooperation with Yifan Biotechnology. We believe that in the near future we will be able to reach more extensive and diversified collaborations. 
What is Bordo
Copper formulation is a kind of protective fungicide widely used at present at home and abroad, its global sales is growing steadily. The product is of the distinctive features of good fungicidal effect, broad fungicidal spectrum, lower cost and long lasting effect, and will not readily cause resistance. We are prepared to learn from our cooperation and make progress in the course of cooperation. While we are working hard to establish Yifan as an outstanding international brand, we are able to bring back more excellent agrochemical products to users in China.

▲ A Speech from Deputy General Manager Chen Liang of Yifan Biotechnology 

According to the market development plan, Bordo will be used for prevention and control of citrus canker and cucumber angular leaf spot. Our company has created a brand product called Yifan- Subu for application to control of bacterial diseases. The availability of Bordo makes Yifan Biotechnology’s bacterial disease-targeted product range more complete, whilst Yifan Biotechnology will work positively to extend the scope of application of Bordo. 
Bordo has the following distinctive features: 
1. Broad fungicidal spectrum, being effective on prevention and control of bacterial diseases such as canker and angular leaf spot as well as fungal diseases such as downy mildew and scab. 
2. Long-lasting effect; after application, a protective layer is formed on the surface of crops, which can resist disease invasion for a long time. As proved by the efficacy test conducted in 2018 and 2019, compared to other copper formulations, the product has an excellent performance as regards to the long-lasting effect and the resistance to rain wash.
3. Good mixability, with mild physiochemical property and moderate pH, being mixable for application according to the needs of designated purpose.
4. Easy to use; the water dispersible granule, which is disintegrated in water quickly has a high suspensibility. 
About Yifan Biotechnology & IQV

Founded in 1992, Yifan Biotechnology is a dedicated chemical pesticide research, production and marketing company. It is a designated pesticide manufacturer endorsed by the formerly Chinese Ministry of Chemical Industry, being a key pesticide manufacturer of Zhejiang Province and a national-level high-tech enterprise. Yifan Biotech has successively set up a technical material synthesis company, formulation company, Jiangsu Yunfan Chemical Ltd and a fine chemical plant. The products of the company are sold widely to international market, with an annual sales of Yuan1.6 billion. In 2019, the company ranked the 29th place on the Top 100 Chinese Pesticide Companies. Yifan Biotechnology has for long years focused itself on Chinese pesticide industry and has built up an excellent brand image. In the meantime, the company is actively developing its overseas business via strategic partnership to provide worldwide farmers with quality pesticides. 

IQV is a Spanish family business entity established by Matosas family in 1935. After 84 years, IQV has become a global leader in copper formulation industry. The company has currently two production plants, which are located respectively in Valencia and Mollet del Vallés. Its business spreads to some 60 countries, with over 450 product registrations. Today, IQV’s brand enjoys a high reputation among the industry, especially its high-quality copper formulation-related products in Europe. IQV is also a regular vendor and partner of big Phyto-pharmacies, providing services covering production, warehousing, quality assurance, logistics and GLP testing. 
Source: AgroNews

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