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Nov. 1, 2019

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Nov. 1, 2019
In 2018, an artificial intelligence (AI) identification program, SenseAgro, was officially launched, as an advanced agricultural AI identification platform. The company’s mission is to improve agriculture. Maintaining a database with 10 million photos, SenseAgro collaborates with over 10 institutes and universities. Through the work an expert algorithm team, the company utilizes AI technology in the diagnosis of crop diseases and pests, to improve agriculture and serve millions of farmers around the world. SenseAgro has actively expanded its business to the diagnosis of crop diseases and pests, weed identification and creating an agricultural encyclopedia.
▲The grower is using SenseAgro APP
Using AI to identify diseases, pests and weeds
One day, a farmer sent me a picture and asked me, "What kind of weed is it? To get rid of it, which herbicide should I choose?”I was confused at the start, but after all, there are thousands of species of weeds. How can we recognize all of them, let alone choose the right herbicide?
In fact, by developing AI techniques, we should not worry about identifying weeds anymore. AI is now widely used in agriculture, changed our ways of farming, and produces many benefits, such as in smart pig-breeding and the identification of diseases, pests and weeds.
 ▲The grower is experiencing AI identification
Today, AI identification can be simply accessed through mobile apps. Using SenseAgro, producers can identify crop diseases, insect pests and weeds by uploading a couple of photos. Meanwhile, due to AI, weed treatment suggestions could be offered within just a few seconds. 
SenseAgro utilizes AI technology in the identification of diseases, pests, weeds and nutrient deficiencies, and can precisely identify related problems. When users upload photos on the app, SenseAgro can complete the identification in seconds, with an average accuracy of over 98%.

SenseAgro’s Agricultural Encyclopedia offers a professional knowledge database of diseases, pests and weeds, assisting users in identifying the results of the app and improving the accuracy of photo identification. The Agricultural Encyclopedia is based on large photo galleries and a professional knowledge database.
For both producers and companies
Is SenseAgro only for producers? Of course not, SenseAgro also offers its photo database of diseases, pests and weeds to companies. As well as having access to the latest AI algorithm technology support, companies can contact data interfaces, enabling them to operate faster and more efficiently and reducing the need for non-core links. For example, Cha is an app that provides services to agricultural companies related to certifying pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers and seeds. SenseAgro provides an interface to help identify weeds, enabling them to tune their own business processes related to weeding solutions. Therefore, it offers the complete business services of the Cha app.
As China’s first AI crop identification app, the goal of SenseAgro is to provide crop protection diagnosis using AI, which will enable companies to use the technology’s complete potential and serve humanity better. SenseAgro hired an expert algorithmic team and collected a large photo database to introduce AI technology into agriculture, from AI identification to diagnosis and from field management to encyclopedia information. SenseAgro is committed to providing a better service to producers. 
When farmers encounter unknown weeds or pests, they can simply upload photos on the SenseAgro app, which will identify diseases, pests or weeds. Furthermore, producers can also reference control methods on the SenseAgro Encyclopedia. When companies aim to obtain faster and more direct services, they can also directly contact the data interface of SenseAgro to meet their business requirements.
About the company
In the future, SenseAgro will continue to market its application in the agricultural sector. It is committed to integrating AI with agriculture, by developing an app that will benefit the sector and create infinite possibilities for intelligent agriculture.
You are welcome to download SenseAgro on Google Play.
Email: kf@senseagro.com
Source: AgroNews

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