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Feb. 17, 2008

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Feb. 17, 2008
The US EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) has updated its list of planned registration decisions for new active ingredients in fiscal 2008/09. The OPP has scheduled nine decisions for fiscal 2008 rather than the ten that were originally listed last year.
Chemtura's application to register the herbicide, quinoclamine, has been withdrawn, while that for Ajay North America's fungicide, potassium tri-iodide, has been moved to the OPP's list of planned new uses for registered ais. A decision on Bayer CropScience's herbicide, thiencarbazone-methyl, has been brought forward from fiscal 2009 to the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008.
New ai registration decision schedule fiscal 2008
Company   ai              Use                   PRIA due date
                         1st quarter
Arysta    iodomethane1,2 fumigant for tomatoes,         18/11/07
 LifeScience              peppers, strawberries &
Syngenta  mandipropamid3,4 fungicide for brassicas,       9/1/08
                          cucurbits, grapevines,
                          & tuber & corm vegetables
                         fungicide for leafy            26/11/08
                         2nd quarter
Arkema    dimethyl       fungicide for fruit,             1/3/08
           disulfide5     vegetables & ornamentals
Bayer     spirotetramat  insecticide for grapevines,    20/10/08
 CropScience              citrus, pome & stone fruit,
                          tree nuts, vegetables & hops
Chemtura  quinoclamine   herbicide for non-food          14/1/08
                          indoor use
Dow       pyroxsulam     herbicide for cereals           23/5/08
DuPont    chlorantran-   insecticide for potatoes,       17/4/08
           iliprole3,6    cotton, grapevines, pome &
                          stone fruit, vegetables,
                          turf & ornamentals
Nihon     flubendiamide  insecticide for cotton,         29/4/08
 Nohyaku/                 maize, grapevines, okra,
 Bayer                    vegetables, tobacco &
                          tree nuts
Valent    pyridalyl7     insecticide for cotton,         31/3/08
                          vegetables & ornamentals
                         4th quarter
Bayer     thiencarbazone- herbicide for maize, wheat,    27/4/09
 CropScience methyl       soybeans, turf & ornamentals
1 approved; 2 methyl bromide alternative; 3 reduced risk;
4 tolerances published; 5 schedule not finalised so decision
date defaults to quarter of the PRIA (Pesticide Registration Improvement Act) due date 6 global review;
7 organophosphate alternative.
The OPP has provisionally scheduled six registration decisions for fiscal 2009. The additions to the schedule are Valent's herbicide, imazosulfuron, Dow AgroSciences' fungicide, meptyldinocap, and Innovotech's fungicide, oxysilver nitrate. Gowan's insecticide, fenazaquin, which was scheduled for a decision in fiscal 2009, has been moved to the new-use list.
New ai registration decision schedule fiscal 2009
Company   ai              Use                   PRIA due date
                         1st quarter
DuPont    flusilazole1   fungicide for soybeans &       6/10/09
2nd quarter
Cheminova flutriafol     fungicide for apples & soybeans 5/4/09
Helena    cumyluron      herbicide for turf             12/2/09
                         4th quarter
Dow       meptyldinocap2 fungicide for grapes            2/9/09
Innovotech oxysilver     fungicidal seed treatment       9/7/09
            nitrate       for legume vegetables
Valent    imazosulfuron  herbicide for turf & non-crop  28/9/09
1 schedule not finalised so decision date defaults to
quarter of the PRIA (Pesticide Registration Improvement Act) due date; 2 import tolerance.
Source: U.S. EPA

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