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Peterson Farms Seed introduces 21 new soybean varietiesqrcode

−− Northern Seed Extra: The new products include 10 Enlist E3 and six Roundup Ready 2 Xtend varieties.

Oct. 1, 2019

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Oct. 1, 2019

Peterson Farms Seed has 21 new soybean varieties and a new distribution brand, P3 Genetics, for 2020.

New varieties include 10 Enlist E3, six Roundup Ready 2 Xtend and five LibertyLink GT27 soybeans. They are available through the Peterson Farms Seed brand and a new distribution brand, P3 Genetics.

“Our sole aim is to help farmers raise more bushels,” says Carl Peterson, Peterson Farms Seed president. “To do that, we provide choice and options, fitting the best variety to a grower’s field.”

Descriptions provided by Peterson Farm Seeds of its new varieties are:

1. PFS 20X01 RR2X. 0.1 maturity. A full package early bean. Good iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance with Rps3a phytophthora gene. This bean works on all soil types.

2. P3 2002E Enlist E3. 0.2 maturity. Very good IDC rating. Sister line to 1902E. Versatile bean that works on any soil type.

3. P3 2003E Enlist E3. 0.3 maturity. Full soybean cyst nematode resistant variety. Works well in and outside the Red River Valley. Be careful to watch your placement in salty ground with this bean.

4. P3 2005E Enlist E3. 0.5 maturity. A very complete, well-rounded soybean with resistance to SCN, Rps3a, IDC and brown stem rot. Good choice if you want an earlier bean as it can compete with the higher maturity.

5. PFS 20X05 RR2X. 0.5 maturity. Excellent IDC package and yield allows for placement anywhere. Showed great performance in the 2018 plots. Nice width over the row to canopy early.

6. P3 2006B LibertyLink GT27. 0.6 maturity. New line with SCN. Do not place where IDC is needed. LLGT27 trait gives you the option to spray glyphosate or glufosinate.

7. P3 2008B LibertyLink GT27. 0.8 maturity. Great SCN and IDC ratings. Can handle tough and heavy ground. Good replacement for L07-16N.

8. PFS 20X09N RR2X. 0.9 maturity. Full agronomics of IDC, Rps3a and standability. May be replacement for 14R09N. A 70% win-rate in 2018 plots, which is outstanding.

9. PFS 20EN10 Enlist E3. 1.0 maturity. Good IDC and phytophthora package. This bean doesn’t have a bad day. Good fit for heavy soils.

10. PFS 20X12N RR2X. 1.2 maturity. A bean that can be planted from east to west. Solid IDC rating. Good replacement for both 18X11N and 18X13N.

11. PFS 20EN12 Enlist E3. 1.2 maturity. Another combination of excellent IDC and yield. Medium-tall, intermediate plant with nice cluster on top. Limited availability for 2020.

12. P3 2013E Enlist E3. 1.3 maturity. Highest yielding mid-group 1 variety. Nice bushy plant structure. Good phytophthora field tolerance.

13. P3 2013B LibertyLink GT27. 1.3 maturity. An improvement on IDC for the maturity. Very good phytophthora field tolerance. Great fit for 1914B replacement.

14. P3 2015E Enlist E3. 1.5 maturity. Top-end IDC tolerance. Peterson’s replacement bean for 1914EN. Limited availability for 2020.

15. PFS 20X15N RR2X. 1.5 maturity. Tall, nice plant structure with good emergence and standability. This bean provides some needed IDC in the mid 1 group. Average tolerance to SDS.

16. P3 2017B LibertyLink GT27. 1.7 maturity. Nice package of SCN and phytophthora resistance. Moderate IDC rating, so watch placement on hot ground. Good companion to 1918B.

17. PFS 20X17N RR2X. 1.7 maturity. Competitive checks didn’t stand a chance in Peterson’s 2018 plots. A great RR2 Xtend bean for South Dakota and Minnesota. Good sudden death syndrome tolerance.

18. P3 2018E Enlist E3. 1.8 maturity. Steady performance across locations in 2018. Excellent standability. Good SDS and SCN ratings.

19. P3 2021E Enlist E3. 2.1 maturity. Full SCN and very good SDS protection. Average IDC tolerance. Good disease package with Rps3a+1c and BSR resistance.

20. P3 2022B LibertyLink GT27. 2.2 maturity. Great IDC, SCN and SDS ratings. Great variety for southwest Minnesota and South Dakota. Good phytophthora field tolerance.

21. P3 2023E Enlist E3. 2.3 maturity. This bean boasts the best yield in the test plots. Good on IDC, SDS, and BSR. Replaces 19EN24.

See the full line-up of Peterson Farms Seed soybean varieties online.

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