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US EPA approves Syngenta’s Saltro fungicideqrcode

Sep. 6, 2019

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Sep. 6, 2019
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved Syngenta’s Saltro fungicide, which will now be available for the 2020 growing season. Soybean farmers now have another tool to help them manage sudden death syndrome (SDS) and nematodes. 
Saltro contains Adepidyn (pydiflumetofen) fungicide, an SDHI mode of action, that Syngenta officials say outperforms older chemistries and provides higher potential yield.
“For the first time ever, growers will have a seed treatment option for protecting their soybeans against SDS and nematodes that doesn’t cause additional stress on the plant and enables soybeans to reach their full genetic potential,” said Dale Ireland, technical product lead for Syngenta Seedcare in a Syngenta news release. “With Saltro, we’ve seen a statistically significant yield increase of 3 bushels per acre over the current standard in heavy SDS environments."
Saltro also has activity across a broad spectrum of nematode species, including soybean cyst nematode (SCN) – the No. 1 yield-robbing pest in soybeans and a major contributor to SDS infection.
“SDS and SCN are large concerns for soybean growers,” said Ireland. “Severe SDS infection can cause up to 50% yield loss, and SCN has cost about $1.5 billion in U.S. yield loss. Since Saltro provides protection against both, it will complement SDS- and SCN-resistant varieties to help soybeans maximize their yield potential.”
Beyond the SDS and nematode protection Saltro provides, growers can also look forward to their soybeans having better stands, healthier leaves, and more robust early-season root mass development, say Syngenta officials. 
“With earlier planting programs and erratic weather, the last thing a grower needs at the beginning of the season is additional stress on their soybeans from their seed treatment,” said Paul Oklesh, product lead for Syngenta Seedcare, in a Syngenta news release. “Growers have come to expect that they have to give up early-season plant health in order to get SDS protection, but with Saltro, that’s no longer true. Saltro provides superior SDS protection without the stress, ensuring soybeans are not only getting a new standard of SDS protection, but also a strong start upon emergence.” 
Although soybeans can outgrow the side effects from early-season above-ground stress, they may not fully recover from the lower yield potential caused by below-ground stress affecting the roots, say Syngenta officials. 
“Whether it is caused by disease, nematodes, or their choice of seed treatment, growers never want fewer roots in their crop,” said Ireland. “Everyone wants to establish a robust early root system that maximizes the genetic potential of the soybean plant. Saltro does a much better job of allowing soybeans to do just that.”

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