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'There are opportunities for Brazil in China', says Vitor Raposoqrcode

Aug. 16, 2019

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Aug. 16, 2019
By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages
During the 9th Andav Congress held this week in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), AgroPages had the opportunity to speak to various players in the agrochemical industry. Vitor Raposo, Marketing Manager of Rotam do Brasil, told us how he is linking Brazilians with China, and revealed the new services that the company has on offer and the testing for registration of agrochemicals in the country.
“This year, we traveled to China with a delegation of 18 people, including 12 customers - farmers and distributors (Rotam products in Brazil) - and six company employees here in South America. During the visit, we learned about Rotam's structure and had several talks on agrochemical supplies, as we know that China accounts for 80% of the world's supply of agrochemicals,” he said.
According to Raposo, as China is somewhat quiet on information from its market, this was a unique opportunity to get reliable data and statistics. “It was also a chance to explore opportunities for Brazil considering the Trade War between the United States and China, as Asians have stopped buying agricultural products from the Americans,” he said.
“China has been very adept at getting other suppliers to stop buying products from the United States. They have found other places to buy what they need, and this opens a very large window of opportunity for Brazil. What is sad for the United States is good for Brazilians in this Commercial War,” he said.
Rotam is a Chinese multinational company present in many countries. Here in Brazil, it presents a very important portfolio of both agricultural pesticides and in the crop line. At the 9th Andav Congress, Rotam launched its new brand, “Agronomic Solutions”, which includes not only products but also services.
“One of them is the 'Packing for China' initiative, which is a relationship program based on achieving a sales target. Customers who reach this goal will already be eligible to go, on Rotam's invitation, to China,” explained Raposo.
“Another service we are offering is our Experimental Station, and it is important to point out that we are one of the few agrochemical companies in the world that has one of these in Brazil. It is a facility accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture as an authorized place for agronomic testing for agrochemical registration,” he revealed.
“Today, Rotam can provide services to new companies entering the Brazilian agrochemical market that need to test and register their products, as well as companies in Brazil that need these services. We offer all services from the initial stage, including all processes and data so that a company can submit the registration of its agrochemical or biological product for approval in Brazil,” concluded Raposo.

AgroPages attended the event and distributed its latest magazine, titled, “2019 Latin America Focus.” Readers are welcome to download the digital magazine.

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