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−− Interview with Ismael Panart, Head of the International Division of Fertium Maxima.

Jul. 19, 2019

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Jul. 19, 2019
Fertium Maxima is the leading specialized fertilizer producer in the world. In the past two year,  Fertium Maxima entered into Chinese market and achieved good results. In order to better expand its influence in China, Fertium Maxima will attend the 2nd Biopesticides and Novel Fertilizers International Summit, which will be held on 22nd - 23rd August in Hangzhou, China. AgroPages takes this opportunity to interview Ismael Panart, Head of the International Division of Fertium Maxima.



Could you please introduce Fertium, including company history, company profile,sales, etc?

Ismael : Fertium Maxima was born in 2009 in Zaragoza as a specialized fertilizer producer and service branch from Tervalis Group to bring to the Spanish growers the most advanced technological products in crop nutrition in order to solve the present agricultural requirements with a sustainable agriculture.
With sales in more than 40 countries and advantage position in the Spanish market and the trust of the growers in Fertium crop nutrition solutions and the professionality of our company team.
What do you think are the main advantages of Fertium?
Ismael : The main advantages of Fertium are based in our knowledge: from a continuous research, not only in the laboratory where we carry many different studies and develop new product technologies but also always paying attention to:  the crop demands, the growers requirements and specially the soil and the environment particular conditions.  All those factors combined with the daily work of our agronomists’, side by side with our farmers, has allowed us to be able to bring to the clients the most efficient specialty fertilizers.
What is the Fertium's existing product line and what are their characteristics ?
Ismael : Our company product lines covering all the requirements for all different kinds of cultivation systems and the whole crop growth cycle. Our specialty fertilizers work from the soil preparation to the harvest:  restoring the organic matter in the soil, nourish and enhance the crops self-defenses and bring to our growers the highest yield.
What are the main markets of Fertium, and are there any plan to explore new markets in the following 5 years?
Ismael : Fertium markets nowadays cover most of the territories. Our products and service are well recognized in South America, North Africa, Middle East and now in China.  For the next years we expect to increase our market share in the existing countries where we just entered, in order to become the reference company in crop nutrition solutions and keep researching and working to bring more value to the growers with personalized services. 
We know Fertium is entering the Chinese market, so how do you think the novel fertilizer market in China? And what are the opportunities and challenges do you think for Fertium in China?
Ismael : China is a vast agricultural country with a great potential and it is amazing to see how fast is developing in the agriculture technologies field. For the specialty fertilizers it is a unique opportunity to contribute in the Chinese agriculture development, being more efficient with products not only we are able to protect the environment but also help the growers to increase their yields and production and make them have also a better life. 

On the other hand, we clearly understand the challenges to introduce a new product into the Chinese market, but we are confident in our crop solutions and we have the experience that in all the markets we have presence it has been definitively confirmed that our crop nutrition solutions perform highly better than our direct competitors.

Companies like Alimi (Qingdao) Ltd, already showed interest in our portfolio and tested several products as Fertium Micro and our  Water Soluble fertilizers.  We expect in future,  to develop new and adequate solutions for China growers´ needs.

Nowadays you have a really comprehensive portfolio with not well known products as the fertilizers with special technologies added  for seedling. What do you think of the future of this kind of products in the new markets? 

Ismael : In countries like Spain, Argentina or Brasil where there is an extensive agriculture in cereals, tubers, legumes, onions, etc.  Fertium seedling fertilizers have highly performed compared with other standard fertilizers normally applied. With less amount of fertilizer we have obtained outstanding results in the crops nascence, development and an increase of the yield at the harvest time in more than a 10% , reducing the growers costs and fertilizer application labor significantly.

For the new markets, it is clear than the technology that facilitates the life and the results to the growers are the key.




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