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Certis USA introduces Firefighter™ for protection against fire and harvester antsqrcode

Jul. 9, 2019

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Jul. 9, 2019
Certis USA, the leader in biopesticides, has expanded their portfolio of effective insect bait products with the introduction of Firefighter™ Fire Ant Bait, a spinosad product with an innovative mode of action that shows proven efficacy against both fire and harvester ants with targeted control of colonies and infestations during the pre-harvest of nut crops.
Labeled in all states for a variety of crops ranging from tree nuts and citrus to cucurbits and berries, Firefighter™ is manufactured by Neudorff, Germany’s leading producer of pest control products.
“Our strong partnership with Neudorff brings together the most powerful manufacturing and marketing companies in the biopesticide space,” said Mike Allan, Certis USA Vice-President, North America.
“We are proud that this partnership has resulted in another Neudorff product for our portfolio,” he said, adding that Certis USA already distributes Seduce® Insect Bait, Cueva®, Sluggo®, Bug-N-Sluggo®, Des-X® and Homeplate® for the company.
The active ingredient in Firefighter™ is Spinosad, which is biologically derived from the fermentation of Saccharopolyspora spinosa, a naturally occurring soil organism.
Firefighter™ Fire Ant Bait works as a bait product, attracting and eradicating harvester and fire ants through the distribution of the active ingredient in the colony. Utilizing an innovative delivery system, Firefighter™ has a lightweight corn-grit texture that is highly palatable and easy for ants to transport into the nests for colony control.
More than 20 years of trial data confirms Firefighter™ kills ants within 24 hours upon ingestion with complete control of ant populations (including the queen) within 3 to 14 days after treatment.
Growers can expect Firefighter™ to control fire and harvester ants for up to two months following application. It can be used either as a mound or broadcast treatment, and Firefighter™ can be used straight from the container with no mixing required, making application convenient and simple.
Growers who are interested in integrating Firefighter™ into their treatment schedules for 2019 are encouraged to reach out to their Certis USA sales representative. Growers new to the Certis USA family of brands should visit http://www.CertisUSA.com to inquire about Firefighter™ Fire Ant Bait and other biopesticide treatment options.
Firefighter™ is a registered trademark of W.Neudorff GmbH KG.

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