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Shenzhen Techwah and COMPO Expert sign strategic partnership agreementqrcode

Apr. 23, 2019

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Apr. 23, 2019
On the 10th April, a strategic partnership was executed between Shenzhen Techwah and COMPO Expert. In 2018, COMPO Expert joined the top European chemical company Grupa Azoty, which opened a new page for the development of the company. In March 2019, Shenzhen Techwah celebrated its 10th anniversary. On the important occasions of both sides, the two parties have decided to shake hands to work together more closely towards a bright tomorrow.

Sun Peijin, the general manager of Shenzhen Techwah, said that the company, since its founding, has been always thinking how to help growers to grow high-quality farm product. After long explorations and practices, the product and solutions of COMPO Expert are selected for promotion. COMPO Expert is a global specialty fertilizer industry leader with over 60-year experience in specialty fertilizer supported by its strong research capacity. Its products provide crops with all required nutrients, covering the whole growth period starting from root, foliage and blooming up to fruiting, having been well recognized by farmers. A long-term relationship and mutual trust have been built up between Shenzhen Techwah and COMPO Expert through collaborations over the last 10 years, the two parties have now decided to work more closely to strengthen sales and service in innovative manners to further promote the products of COMPO Expert.

Sun Peijin, the general manager of Shenzhen Techwah

Thomas H. Ahrens, the CEO of COMPO Expert, shared his experience in working with Shenzhen Techwah, meanwhile stressed that there are currently some product sales on the market in the name of COMPO Expert. This is seriously misleading the market, on which COMPO Expert has to keep a close eye. The annual business turnover of COMPO Expert is maintained at above 8%, having reached over EUR400 million up to date. COMPO GmbH focuses on specialty fertilizer and its application to prime crops. Each year, COMPO Expert would spend a lot of time and effort on discussions with distributors and growers about the job performance of the company in a purpose to solve problems for farmers.

Thomas H. Ahrens, the CEO of COMPO Expert

COMPO Expert is a comprehensive specialty fertilizer supplier, equipped with advanced and complete production facilities. Its products cover controlled-release fertilizer, stabilized fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, foliage fertilizer, biostimulant, functional fertilizer and seed fertilizer. Each product variety has its own brand image and strong market position. In the five years ahead,COMPO Expert expects to maintain a 30% sales growth of foliage fertilizer. In the coming three years, it is foreseen that sales of Entec (nitrogen fertilizer + NPK) will reach 15,000 tons and DuraTec + Solugran will reached 10,000 tons.

Shenzhen Techwah is a dedicated specialty fertilizer trading and marketing company. Its scope of business covers foliage fertilizer, irrigation-oriented water-soluble fertilizer, gardening fertilizer and lawn fertilizer. The company is currently engaged in marketing of foliage fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer and compound fertilizer produced by COMPO Expert.
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