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"We expect significant growth for the next few years" - Interview with Francisco Soares Neto, CEO of TMGqrcode

Mar. 26, 2019

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Mar. 26, 2019
By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages
The CEO of Brazilian plant breeding company TMG (Tropical Melhoramento & Genética), Francisco Soares Neto, spoke exclusively with AgroPages. The company noted the patent recognition of its soybean rust control method, as it announced new research investments and the launch of several products. All this, says Neto, will bring "significant growth for the next few years".
What is the importance of having recognized the soybean rust control method patent granted to TMG?
The patent guarantees the intellectual property to TMG and the rights provided for in Brazilian legislation. The achievement brings an incentive for innovation and helps to maintain the research into new genes that allows the creation of new technology coming from the method (Inox® Technology) over time, with the combination of innumerable genes to expand and assist the control of soybean rust. We also believe that the patent adds value to Brazilian agribusiness, in demonstrating respect for national intellectual property.
What is the company's investment in research and development?
TMG is an innovation, research and development company that seeks to deliver genetic solutions that generate productivity and profitability for farmers. Thus, our efforts are focused on investing in research and improving methodologies and processes, in order to develop increasingly productive cultivars, resistant to biotic stresses, such as diseases and pests, and abiotics, such as drought. We invest many years of resources to reach our goals, and meet the farmers' and the markets' needs; that is the reason for our work.
What launches has TMG scheduled?
We have launches of soybean varieties in all Brazilian producing regions, with three launches for the Cerrado - TMG 2378IPRO, TMG 2381IPRO and TMG 2383IPRO, cultivars that enter with great force to compose the portfolio and bring benefits to the producer, such as nematode resistance of cyst, in addition to high productive potentials.
In addition to these, we already have brought to the market consolidated and growing varieties, such as TMG 7067IPRO, with wide adaptation in the states of the South, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and in the cerrado, including all of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás and Bahia, besides Paraguay. This cultivar carries the Inox® Technology, which confers resistance to soybean Asian Rust.
Also, TMG 2185IPRO, which is productive and resistant to cyst nematode, has a high tolerance to rainfall at harvest, maintaining grain integrity for longer periods under these conditions.
For those looking for an early variety that allows safe cotton planting in the second harvest, we have TMG 2173IPRO, where precocity, resistance to cyst nematode and ensures productive potential for anyone who wants to have the area released for cotton planting, in a planting window that allows high productivity.

In the South of the country we have four releases, TMG 7061IPRO, TMG 7058IPRO (pre-launch), TMG 7260IPRO and TMG 1759RR. The first three are Inox® (resistant to soybean rust) and also bring Intacta RR2 PRO® technology. The latter is RR (resistant only to glyphosate ) and an important tool in the maintenance of refuges for the resistance management of caterpillars that attack soybean.
Still in the South, a few years ago on the market we offered varieties that have helped producers to achieve good production levels, with safety and profitability. It stands out as TMG 7063IPRO, TMG 7062IPRO and TMG 7262RR, all resistant to the Asian rust and that already occupy a great space in its regions of adaptation.
There are many other cultivars in the TMG soybean portfolio that adapt to the diverse conditions of the country, bringing benefits and productivity to farmers in all producing regions.
How have you seen TMG's performance in Brazil?
After a period of adaptation of our improvement of the Intacta technology, which is predominant in the market today, we are very confident in our launches and we know of the consistency of the existing portfolio, therefore, we expect a significant growth during the next few years, not only in soybeans, but also in the cotton crop, where we already had encouraging results, such as the 66% increase in planted areas from the 2016/17 harvest to 2017/18.
What are the plans for the company in Brazil?
The plans for Brazil are to work hard in research and development to complete our offering and to have an increasingly complete portfolio that brings security, productivity and profitability to the farmer, so we can grow and be among the leading companies to participate in the Brazilian market, both in soybean and in cotton. In addition, we work on the genetic improvement of corn, where we will have news for the market in the next five years. Our origin is Brazilian, and we know how to interpret and understand regional needs, and our quest is to meet those expectations and conditions to deliver quality products and high added value.
Source: AgroNews

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