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AminoChem SA: The Leading Salmon Protein Producer in South Americaqrcode

Mar. 26, 2019

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Mar. 26, 2019
AminoChem SA is a Chilean company devoted to the manufacture and sale of hydrolyzed proteins for the nutrition and bio-stimulation of vegetable species as well as crop protection oils. It is well-know for its salmon hydrolyzed proteins. Recently, AgroPages made an interview with José Luis Ansoleaga, Gerente General and Chief Executive Officer of AminoChem SA, to know more better about AminoChem SA.

Could you please introduce AminoChem SA briefly?
José: AminoCompany Fertilizers And Chemicals  SA (AminoChem SA.,  is a chilean company, it`s an agricultural branch of Fiordo Austral Group. Fiordo Austral core business is producing Salmon Oil and Fish Meal amongst many others.

AminoChem SA is in the southern chilean zone. Our facilities are located specifically in Puerto Montt city, surrounded by beautiful landscapes in the heart of Chilean Salmon production. We produce regular and organic biostimulants (aminoacids), organic nitrogen fertilizer, organic amendment (the main effect is the activation of soil microbiology), Salmon Oil for agricultural, is used like natural insecticide or coadyuvant, and rootings, all of them derived from salmon protein.
Could you please introduce the advantages of Amino acid fertilizer?
José: The main alternative sources of amino acids derived from pork and cow by products or vegetables wastes. The biological properties in Salmon protein are uniques.
The aminograms profile is complete and it has 20 essential aminoacids and hundreds of other benefical compounds  like peptides, ketones, fatty acids methyl esters, organonitrogen compounds, polyols, etc. The aminoacids are an exceptional complement in plant nutrition.
What the main markets of AminoChem SA? How do you think the biostimulant market in South America?
José: We are very strong in the local market, I have no dubt when I say we are the most important company in this type of products in Chile.
Perú and Argentine are two importants countries for us too, where we have fully focused teams working in development markets. The last years, our exports means 30% of our sales. This numbers are going increased, we expect, in the short term,  our exports mean more than 50% of the company sales.
The South America market is growing at fast rate and it´ll continue to do so.

The world population is demanding (from Southern hemisphere) goods without chemicals compounds or with less of them, and the use of biostimulants have an important role in that;  increasing demand every day with less cultivated soil surface means the need to increase production levels.  The answer is clear: Use Biostimulants.
In the last 10 years the scientifical community has worked hard in demonstrating the benefits of Biostimulants with “irrefutable” evidence, that has helped to expand the use of Biostimulants.
Are there any plan for AminoChem SA on the new market exploration and R & D in the next 5 years?
José: Of course. We would like consolidate our operation in Perú and Argentine, it´ll  take 2 or 3 years more.

We are looking to develop and grow in others countries in South, Central and North America, and also in Europe. This year we are going to expand our presence in the Colombian and Ecuadorian markets, and at the same time we are begining to register 3 of our products in some Europeans countries (Spain, France and Italy). We will have, In The States,  2 product registered under OMRI and CDFA rules. (before the end of the July).
We see our future in many places wherever possible, but it is important get agreement with the best partners (distributors) in every country.
Talking about R & D,  we are making many trials in different countries and crops, but the most important studies were done and are been making  in The Center for Rhizosphere Biology-Colorado State University (We began 3 years ago)
Could you please share some experience on the marketing of biostimulant compared with tranditional fertilizer?
José: I used to work for more than 12 years in the commodities fertilizers market.  Like you must know, it is a commodity market. The one who sell is who has best price, Urea is Urea here and anywhere. It´s a boring market, everybody knows what will happen if you apply more or less fertilizer, but when you use a different types of Biostimulants in differents stages or under different stress conditions you realize the real power of this products. The positives effects in the plants are faster.
The use of traditional fertilizers is a base, but if you like go further in quality, condition and production,  there isn´t other way.  The farmers have to try with biostimulants.
What do you think are the main advantages for AminoChem SA compared with other biostimulant companies?

José: AminoChem has its own raw material, in abundance and has sufficient to provide all over the world. We control the manufacture and production because we have our own factory. Our raw material is unique, because is salmon protein. We have the biggest factory in South America.
And,  no less important, we have our own commercial and technical team that are developing  new markets every day, mainly in fruit (cherries, table grapes, wine grape, walnuts, hazelnuts, blueberries, avocados and citrics), crops (canola, wheat, corn), and in general we are working closely with the agronomist, agricultors, advisors, consultants, profesors from the main Chilean and foreing universities,  and customers.

I´m sure that gives us a strong advantage.
Are there any plan for the Company to find new distributors in other counties? What are the requirements if someone wants to distribut your products in his/her country?
José:  Yes, There are.This is an important decision for the company plans. We are looking for distributors in the afore mentioned countries. The main characteristics that they must have are to put focus in the specialties. Have a strong technical team, wide cover, and obviously strong financial backing.
Source: AgroNews

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