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Top 5 Most Innovative Ag-Tech Startupsqrcode

Feb. 5, 2019

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Feb. 5, 2019

Agriculture is one of the most essential sectors of any economy.

In this age of information, coupled with the dire need to preserve our environment, it is absolutely vital that ideas and innovations are inculcated in this sector. In this context, a handful of agriculture-based startups have heeded the call.

Take a look at the top five ag-tech startups who are looking to revolutionize the future of agriculture.

AgCode is a vineyard management solution that launched in 2002. The company helps its vineyard clients keep a track-record of their produce, check on grape maturity, and track harvests so that the yield can be maximized. According to Forbes, 7 of the US’s top 10 vineyards opt for its services. The company has now extended to focus on high-value specialty crops like blueberries, sweet corn, apples, and cherries.

AGERpoint is a data management company founded by Thomas McPeek in 2012. It uses Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), a remote sensing method, and other techniques to precisely assess the condition of orchards and vineyards to provide its clients with real-time evaluations. This allows the clients to make the decision best suited for their fields.

Arvegenix (or CoverCress)
CoverCress, formerly known as Arvegenix until 2018, indulges in sustainable farming with emphasis on crop protection. The company is developing a crop called CoverCress that is based on penny-cress, a cabbage-like plant from the Eurasian continent. The cash crop, in development, will provide protection for soybean planting and corn harvesting with the added advantage of it being an oil-seed crop. As of November 2018, it has raised $2 million in equity investment.

BluWrap is a company that works toward increasing the shelf life of protein and its related products. This allows companies to ship their products by ocean rather than air, reducing the cost. As per Forbes, agriculture and food venture capital investor Anterra Capital has invested in the company, raising $18.6 million.

Bovcontrol, as its name suggests, is a company that provides data in regards to bovines to their respective owners so that they can keep track of their livestock. It aids in advancing milk, meat, and genetics production performance.
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