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Sym-Agro’s Biofungicide AVIV Gains Approval in Californiaqrcode

Dec. 6, 2018

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California approved the biofungicide AVIV for use in the state, its maker Sym-Agro announced earlier this week. The company says the crop protection tool for leafy greens growers is the industry’s first clear, non-staining Bacillus product on the market. It uses “ruggedized spores that grow and colonize on the foliage to build a protective physical barrier.”
It also offers a photo degredation and environmental protection.
“AVIV uses a patented manufacturing process to optimize the bioavailability of its active ingredient, a newly discovered strain of Bacillus subtilis IAB/BS03 with broad-spectrum disease control,” says Sym-Agro President Peter Bierma. “This process helps AVIV solubilize completely in the spray tank, eliminating the risk of clogged application equipment and leaving no visual deposit on treated crops.”
Here’s more information about the product from the news release announcing the new labeling:
“Field research has confirmed that AVIV’s spectrum of activity is wider than other Bacilluschoices, so growers don’t have to use different Bacillus for botrytis and powdery mildew.
“In addition, the increased bioavailability of AVIV’s active ingredient means low use rates – about 60% lower than other Bacillus-based fungicides – and AVIV costs less than competing bacillus products. For conventional growers, a 10 oz. use rate can economically be added to increase disease defense and provide solid resistance management.
“Studies show higher efficacies than standard Bacillus products, and AVIV can be tank mixed with a wide variety of other crop protection products, including bactericides such as copper.”
AVIV is pending registration in Florida. All other vegetable-growing states are registered.

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