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After investing $ 40 million, Sakata Seed Corporation opened its office in Argentinaqrcode

Dec. 6, 2018

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The Japanese company is a leader in the sale of seeds in Argentina of broccoli and squash

The Japanese company of seeds of vegetables and flowers Sakata Seed Corporation inaugurated his commercial offices in Argentina with an initial investment superior to the $ 40 million. The objective is to accelerate and strengthen its presence in South America .

The inauguration was attended by the President of the company, Hiroshi Sakata, who conveyed his joy for this new milestone coinciding in the year that marks the 1 20 years of bilateral relations between Argentina and Japan.

Sakata is one of the largest vegetable and flower seed companies in Japan and fourth in the world.

In turn, the company is a leader in marketing of broccoli seeds and butternut squash in Argentina, which has been present in the country for more than 50 years.

"Argentina can give clear signs that high-level vegetables can be produced. If we add genetics as important as those that Sakata has been giving for years and now much more, based in the country, I believe that the possibilities of growth are very great. We hope that this is only the beginning of a great growth of the company in Argentina ", pronounced Leonardo Sarquís, Minister of Agribusiness of Buenos Aires, who was a participant in the inauguration.

From left to right, the director of Sakata Seed Corporation, Kazuo Kuroiwa, the Japanese ambassador to Argentina, Noriteru Fukushima, the Minister of Agribusiness of Buenos Aires, Leonardo Sarquís and the president of Sakata Seed South America, Marcello Takagui.

The Ambassador of Japan in Argentina, Noriteru Fukushima, was also part of the celebration. "In recent years, the number of Japanese companies has doubled . It went from 50 to 100. Sakata is number 101, so I congratulate and welcome this multinational company to Argentina. 60% of the broccoli and squash we eat here are from Sakata seeds. And I am sure that it will continue to grow, creating jobs and sharing technology, working together as well as our Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said to President Macri, in his meeting at the G20. "

The Japanese firm arrived in Brazil in 1994 with the purchase of Agroflora, a Brazilian company founded in 1968. Since then began a strong expansion in the neighboring country. In 1998, it built its headquarters in Bragança Paulista to house the Sakata operations center in South America. In addition to this modern unit with new laboratories and equipment, it perfected the processes of work and management, further strengthening the renowned Sakata brand.

Currently, they have more than 250 vegetable crops and 500 flower crops.

In addition, the company's managers are looking in the near future to also be able to produce seeds in Argentina with the opening of a new factory.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in Spanish. This English summary has been prepared with Google Translate and edited for clarity.

Original article: Tras invertir $40 millones Una firma japonesa de semillas de hortalizas y flores inauguró su oficina en Argentina

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