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Nunhems offers with F1 Coliseum the first frog skin melon with resistance to the New Delhi virusqrcode

Dec. 5, 2018

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Dec. 5, 2018
The Nunhems® brand has managed to reinvent the concept of frog skin melon with the launch of the F1 Coliseum. The first frog skin melon with resistance to the New Delhi virus (ToLCNDV) arrives on the market with the aim of becoming a trend in record time, thanks to the fact that it combines a series of qualities that bring important benefits to all the links in the food chain .

Coliseo F1 marks a before and after in the production of melon toad skin. "We are the only ones that offer the farmer an extra peace of mind because with our innovation we help him to ensure his livelihood, at the same time that we put on the market a premium category melon that will make the consumer loyal", explains Francisco Solera, Country Sales Manager of BASF Vegetable Seeds.

Coliseo F1 is a very versatile variety that allows to obtain excellent results of production both in outdoor crops in Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha and greenhouses in Almeria and Murcia. Coliseo F1 surprises on the outside with very homogenous fruits in caliber, an average weight of 4 kilos and a good deed. F1 Coliseum also surprises inside, with a medium meat and high sugar content that exceeds in most fruits the 15 degrees Brix, qualities by which this melon becomes a real delicacy in the mouth.

Collection from May to October

It is especially indicated for the early cycle of Murcia (transplants from March 10 to April 5) and offers a wide collection calendar from May to October, starting the harvest in Almería, continuing through Murcia and ending in the production areas at free air of Castilla-La Mancha. One of the most outstanding qualities of Coliseo F1 is its high level of quality, sustained throughout the production cycle and good agronomic performance in all production areas, which is a competitive advantage for supermarkets that allows them to close the cycle with a unique variety and always offering the same quality.

Daniel Bellón, Senior Scientist Phytopathology.
In addition to its innovative package of resistances, Coliseo F1 offers the producer the advantage of an unmistakable cutting point and very easy to identify, thanks to the intense yellow color that appears in his bed (point of contact of the melon with the earth) when it is the optimal time of collection. "It is another way to help the producer to harvest at the right time, while helping the distributor to market a product of the highest quality and, finally, we achieve consumer satisfaction and that he wants to repeat the experience," adds Francisco Solera, Country Sales Manager of BASF Vegetable Seeds.

In addition to F1 Coliseum, the Nunhems® brand also offers Salzillo F1 for early cycle, Salgado F1 for medium cycle and two excellent varieties for late cycle, such as Medellin F1 and Melizar F1.

Reinventing the future

The introduction of resistance to the New Delhi virus in F1 Coliseum is only a first step with which the Nunhems® brand will revolutionize the rest of its frog skin melon catalog. This was revealed yesterday Thursday during the event "Reinventing the future", organized by the melon team of BASF Vegetable Seeds in the Murcia town of San Javier.

In this event, which brought together hundreds of producers and commercial operators, Antonio Izquierdo, Regional Product Specialist of BASF Vegetable Seeds, announced the next launch of a mini skin-toad melon that will meet the needs of the export market and also be a piece key to cover a market segment made up of 'singles' consumers and family units with few members.

In addition, Daniel Bellón, Senior Scientist Phytopathology of BASF Vegetable Seeds, analyzed the current situation of powdery mildew (Podosphora xhantii) in melon and announced the lines of work that will allow BASF Vegetable Seeds to permanently adapt the resistances in melon to the emergence of new oidium strains.

At the closing ceremony, Francisco Solera reminded the attendees that Nunhems® has become part of the BASF® group this year to materialize a strategic alliance between two large companies that not only share values ​​and vision for the future, but also coincide in sustain its relationships with customers and suppliers from two fundamental axes of action, such as innovation and sustainability. "Nunhems®, now a brand of horticultural seeds of the BASF® group, continues to offer the best of itself thanks to the talent, qualification and professionalism of its great team, which is an example of commitment and dedication to meet the needs of the customers, to help them meet their objectives by accompanying them in the development of their companies, "said Country Sales Manager Iberia of BASF Vegetable Seeds.

* APC granted and in the process of being requested for inclusion in the EC Common Catalog of Vegetable Varieties.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in Dutch. This English summary has been prepared with Google Translate and edited for clarity.
Source: Nunhems

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