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ISAA Conference and Trade Exhibition – Company Highlightsqrcode

Sep. 10, 2010

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Sep. 10, 2010

ISAA Conference and Trade Exhibition – Company Highlights

Croda, UK

Atlox 4915
is a new polymeric dispersant designed to meet the demands of high electrolyte-containing combination formulations of glyphosate --1.htm">glyphosate with other herbicides and has the following benefits:

• Outstanding performance in high electrolyte concentrations, particularly glyphosate.
• Prevents agglomeration of active ingredients in combination herbicide formulations designed to overcome glyphosate resistance and broaden spectrum of activity.
• Enables stable herbicide SC in glyphosate (acid equivalent) concentrations of 300 g/l.
• Excellent dilution into 1000 ppm hard water and 5% ammonium sulphate solution.

Clariant, Switzerland

Clariant have introduced a range of “Go Green” surfactants and adjuvants.

Dispersogen PSL100 is a new benchmark polymeric dispersing agent based on a comb polyacrylate copolymer with hydrophilic side chains for agrochemical formulations, particularly SC formulations.

Dispersogen PG is a natural based cross linked fatty acid esters of polyglycerol and is highly water soluble. Because of its unique structure it can be used as a dispersing agent and as a bioenhancing adjuvant in water based formulations. It has excellent tox and eco profiles, requiring no hazardous labelling.
Synergen KN is an adjuvant blend of non-ionic and anionic phosphate compounds and is EPA approved. It is suitable for built-in formulations and for tank mixes, and efficacy has been proven for Tebuconazole and for Azoxystrobin.

Synergen GL5 for glyphosate is a new “Green” adjuvant based on a cross linked co-polymer of glycerol and coconut fatty acid. It is EPA approved and requires no hazard labelling.

AkzoNobel, Sweden

Agrilan 752 is a new comb polymer stabiliser based on alfa-olefins and dicarboxylic acids which are esterified with polyethyleglycol. This results in a unique double comb structure which gives excellent performance as a steric dispersant, emulsifier and stabiliser, especially for high load SC formulations.

Adsee C80W  is a new adjuvant for glyphosate as a safer alternative to Tallowamine ethoxylate. It has good bioefficacy with low glyphosate and adjuvant doses, and is compatible with different salts.

Huntsman, USA

Termix AIS 4000 is a novel adjuvant for use as a water conditioning agent in acid based herbicide tank mixes with glyphosate.The product is an ammonium salt of isethionic acid and can bind antagonistic metal ions while at the same time promoting the uptake of glyphosate into the plant. It is a water soluble liquid with no special handling requirements.

Rhodia, France

Rhodia have launched a novel safe and powerful solvent called Rhodiasolv PolarClean. The new solvent is polar, water soluble, and has very safe toxicological and ecotoxicological profiles making it suitable as a safe alternative to NMP for EC and other formulations.

Geronol CF/AS 30 HL is a new surfactant adjuvant for glyphosate formulations. It is claimed to have no eye irritation and is effective at levels of 12% in the formulation.

Ag-Rho Ultimate is a revolutionary mutipurpose tank mix adjuvant for glyphosate. The mixture contains a bioactivator, a drift and deposition control additive, and ammonium sulphate (AMS) for hard water conditioning.

Cognis, Germany

Cognis have developed a range of “Greenovating” surfactants, solvents and adjuvants under their “Agnique” brand name for many types of formulations. They are also developing a range of ethoxylated saccharose esters as safe alternatives to nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE). The new surfactants are claimed to have no skin and eye irritation.

TANATEX, Germany

TANATEX Chemical Solutions is a new name in the Agrochemical Formulation sector. They are based at Chempark Leverkusen in Germany and have over 50 years of experience of surfactant development in other applications.

TANATEX have a wide range of surfactants for all formulation types. They also have a few speciality surfactants such as the Tanavis range for viscosity control and spray drift control,       and Tanafoam MN as an efficient defoamer for glyphosate and other formulations. They are also developing a new surfactant to add to formulations to enhance biological activity.

Evonik, Germany

Evonik Industries offers creative and innovative solutions for sustainably high agricultural yields. These include a water-storing soil granulate that supplies plants with both water and nutrients, even in arid regions, thus allowing cultivation of crops even under drought conditions.

Evonik have developed a new spreader/sticker for tank mix use, based on trisiloxanes or ethoxylated alcohols in combination with a sticking component such as acrylate. Latex or terpene oil.

Evonik have also developed a range of dispersing agents and emulsifiers under the BREAK-THRU trade name for oil dipersion formulations (OD).

Momentive, USA

Building on a 70-year heritage of helping customers improve the performance of their products and bring new products to market, Momentive Performance Materials introduced two new adjuvants, Silwet* HS-604 penetrant and Silwet* STIK spreader-sticker, for agrochemical formulations. Available globally, these products are the newest addition to Momentive’s growing portfolio of specialty silicone products for agricultural applications marketed under the Silwet, AgroSpred* and SAG* brand names.

Momentive launched Silwet HS-604 penetrant as an effective co-adjuvant that can help significantly lower the amount of tallow amine ethoxylates (TAEs) used in many TAE-loaded glyphosate formulations. glyphosate formulators have begun to move away from TAEs as “in-can” adjuvants because of environmental impact and toxicity issues. Silwet HS-604 can help reduce TAE requirements in standard glyphosate formulations by up to 68 percent while generally maintaining or improving overall performance. By reducing TAE requirements, use of the new penetrant can help reduce the final product’s adjuvant cost, lower adjuvant toxicity, and offer more room in the formulation for other additives.

Silwet HS-604 is a broad-use penetrant for use with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. It is hydrolytically stable for use in in-can formulations with pH’s ranging from 4 to 10. It contains virtually no solvents or traditional hazardous components and has a built-in foam control agent, making additional antifoam additives unnecessary in many applications.

Momentive’s Silwet STIK spreader-sticker is a new tank-mix spray adjuvant that may be considered as a potentially cost-effective alternative for many agricultural applications. Developed for use as a dual-action spray adjuvant, Silwet STIK typically provides both excellent spreading and sticking performance during pesticide applications on different crops. This organosilicone super-spreader can help increase the spreading on most foliar surfaces and help provide better deposition and adhesion of spray droplets, resulting in higher pesticide efficacy and potentially allowing for lower spray volumes during pesticide applications. In addition, the sticker component typically provides excellent rain-fastening properties required during use in wet or humid conditions.

SURfaPLUS, The Netherlands

SURfaPLUS R&D is an innovative company that develops and tests effective delivery systems for agrochemicals (pesticides and macro- plus micro-nutrients).

Benefits to delivery systems are achieved by improved targeting (wetting of leaf surface and uptake into the target) in combination with the right application technology (reduced drift).

Products are based on a thorough knowledge of the physiology and the biology of the target organisms and application of physical-chemical principles. Products are developed for a specific application in arable farming and for different climatic zones.

SURfaPLUS have developed a technique known as Fluorescence Imaging to determine the uptake of active ingredients into plants by testing formulations with new adjuvants against standard product controls.

Report written by Alan Knowles, FORM-AK Ltd, UK

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