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Demand trend of China pesticides market for late half of 2010qrcode

Sep. 6, 2010

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Sep. 6, 2010

Demand trend of China pesticides market for late half of 2010

The little bit sluggish China pesticides market, brought by the unpleasant extreme weather in the first half of this year, is expected to be improved with the advent of the sales season. The sales in late this year are hopefully to be promoted by high demand,reports Agropages.

The products expected to have rise sales including: DDVP, trichlorphon, dimethoate, isoprocarb, cyhalothrin, avermectins, validamycin, carbendazim, cyhalofop-butyl, isoprothiolane, tricyclazole, chlorantraniliprole, flubendiamide, difenoconazole, chlorpyrifos, mancozeb, clincher, penoxsulam, metamifop.

Widespread insects

The record-breaking floods across the agricultural lands of southern China this June have made many insecticides unsalable, however, the rice pests outbreaks in some southern provinces have brought a upturn of these products. Increasing demand on rice insecticides has been shown on some products like pymetrozine, chlorantraniliprole, buprofezin, isoprocarb, profenofos, chlorpyrifos and avermectins. It is forecasted that triazophos, fufenozide, monosultap、emamectin benzoate will be under greater demand.

The locusts in Xinjiang Province and Inner Mongolia, together with suspended operation of some production facilities, could lead to a supply shortage of endosulfan.

Other pesticides including: terbufos, furadan, carbofuran, phorate, isofenphos methyl, chlorfluazuron, banleptm, phoxim, butene-fipronil, indoxacarb, chlorfenapyr might also be in great demand because of the pests on sugar cane and vegetables.

Rat race of herbicides

Weeds are comparably stable. However, the sales of herbicides might be hindered by oversupply. The conversion to post-emerge products results in large backlog of acetochlor, atrazine, rimsulfuron; may gain more market shares since of the rapid development.

Generally declined price and fierce competition

The severe oversupplied herbicides will experience the worst downturn in price, and price of insecticide will also significantly drop, while price of fungicide will remain stable. As for imported products, steady price but declined sales are foreseeable.

Serious overcapacity on some products like chlorpyrifos, avermectins, as well as the lower price for raw materials, coupled with the changes in police such as ban list and cancellation on tax rebate on will intensify the competition in domestic market.

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