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Revolutionary nematocide NEMA-DEAD from Crop IQ participates in AgroPages Awardsqrcode

Nov. 1, 2018

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AgroPages Awards will be granted to Products with Incomparable Market Potential in China. This year, top 10 oversea biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizers will win the accolade. Some companies with interests in China’s markets have recommended their products to us. One of them is nematocide NEMA-DEAD from Crop IQ.

NEMA-DEAD, a novel nematocide product, consists of a unique blend of essential natural oil extracts (nematocidal compounds, unsaturated fatty acids, green chemicals and biostimulants). It is the first nematocide on the globe combining the advantages of chemicals and natural products in one formulation with ZERO residuals, no wait and no PHI. The product can be applied to control root-knot nematodes for a wide range of crops, such as legumes, vegetables, herbs & spices, fruits, nuts, field crops and grasses.
NEMA-DEAD has multiple modes of action. It can suppress root-knot nematode cholesterol biosynthesis and inhibit nematode development. Those essential natural oils are toxic to nematodes that prevents their eggs from hatching. And the specific enzyme from the product can destroy the eggs and reduce larva-infected roots. Adult nematodes can be controlled with ammonia derived from NEMA-DEAD induced metabolism. This product also stimulates plant roots to produce biologically active chemicals, secondary metabolites, which benefit to plant defense system. Moreover, NEMA-DEAD can facilitate plant to produce other natural compounds to enhance resistance in various plants. It increases plant growth in terms of shoot length, shoot weight and root length as compared to the inoculated untreated plants. NEMA-DEAD has superior technology to provide long-term prevention entry barriers surrounding the root hair. It has fungicidal action and can thus be applied as a pre-plant soil treatment to control or to aid in reducing the damaging effects of soil borne diseases: bacterial wilt, verticillium wilt, pink root; plant parasitic nematodes, symphylans (garden centipedes) and wireworms. (Source: CIQ’s NEMA-DEAD brochure) 
Crop IQ believes with this revolutionary plant protection product containing new concept, Crop IQ are achieving the best efficiency to control and prevent the most important soil pathogen nematodes on the globe, and this product will be the most important nematocide worldwide.

For more information about AgroPages Award, please click the picture below. Biopesticide, biostimulant and novel fertilizer products submitted for this event will be presented in our on-line product library (on Chinese and English pages showing to our web visitors) and on magazines (Biopesticide Directory, Biostimulant and Novel Fertilizer Directory). The most marvelous products among all the submissions will be reported and spread via AgroPages Chinse channels, 3B E-Weekly and LinkedIn. If you would like to recommend your products, please feel free to contact us:,


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