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Oct. 17, 2018

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SQM North America introduces Ultrasolution K, its latest innovation in specialty plant nutrition. An all-in-one liquid formulation, Ultrasolution K is composed of 100 percent macronutrients that are readily available for plant uptake, making it more efficient than other liquid fertilizers, and an ideal source of nitrogen and potassium. Initially, Ultrasolution K will be available in two grades 2.7-0-9 for cool season and 3-0-10 for warm season.
Ultrasolution K will address the need for chloride-free potassium and safe-handling nitrate-nitrogen in the liquid fertilizer market, opening up new possibilities for nutrient management in California specialty crops like almonds and strawberries, where water quality and use efficiency are of utmost importance, says SQM agronomist J.W. Lemons.
As growers evaluate nutrient sources and build their nitrogen management plans for the 2019 season, incorporating Ultrasolution K as a primary nitrogen source helps address crop nutrient needs in the most effective, efficient way possible. When applied at the right rate and the right time, Ultrasolution has proven to be the right source to maximize use efficiency while increasing yields.
In UC Davis research, a fertilizer program with liquid potassium nitrate in continuous fertigation, following a banded application of SOP (sulphate of potash), resulted in a 17 percent cumulative yield increase over SOP alone. The program including Ultrasolution K in continuous fertigation resulted in a 22 percent yield increase over a program including PTS (potassium thiosulphate) and SOP.

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