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China export analysis: the export value of Dicamba technical was basically the same as July in Aug, 2018qrcode

Oct. 5, 2018

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Oct. 5, 2018
The data in this article is from “2018 China Dicamba Export Report”
In August 2018, China's Dicamba TC exports amounted to 3,315,600 kgs, valued $44,846,329. All the Dicamba products are exported to 4 countries. Among them, Dicamba 98% TC ranked first in exports which accounted for 96.7% in total value.
Analysis by formulation type
In August 2018, the total number of Dicamba export formulations type was 3.

Top 3 countries by export value
Dicamba 98% TC
United States 98%, Argentina, Australia
Dicamba 95% TC
United States 100%
Dicamba 96% TC
United States 100%
Formulation types compared with July, 2018:

Added formulations in August, compared with July
Removed formulations in August, compared with July
Dicamba 95% TC 
Dicamba 96% TC 
Analysis by all products
Among all the exported dicamba products, Dicamba 98% TC ranked first, accounting for 96.7% of the total. Followed by Dicamba 95% TC and 96% TC, accounting for 1.89% and 1.41% respectively.

The export tendency of Dicamba TC
1. Compared with July, the export price of dicamba 98% TC was slightly decreased, and the export volume increased significantly from 1,088,450 kgs in July to 3,203,600 kgs. The export price increased compared with the same period last year.
2. The export volume of Dicamba 96% TC was 496,000 kgs In November 2017, which is the largest export volume in the past 20 months. In August this year, the export volume was 48,000 kgs.
3、In August, the export volume of Dicamba 95%TC was 64,000 kgs, and the export price was basically the same as last month.
AgroPages will continue to publish a series of monthly reports on export of Chinese agrochemical products.

The coming issues include: ChlorothalonilTebuconazole , Glufosinate-ammoniumChlorpyrifos, Metolachlor(S-Metolachlor), Dicamba, Atrazine, Mancozeb, Fluazifop

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