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Sep. 21, 2018

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Indigo Ag, Inc. announced its newest offering for the 2019 crop season, Indigo Certified Crops™.  Indigo Certified Crops was built to provide growers with flexibility in the marketing of their grain, while increasing profitability through higher yields and premiums guaranteed on bushels sold through Indigo Marketplace™.
Indigo Certified Crops will be available for rice, soybean, and corn production, and is inclusive of GM, non-GM, and organic harvests. The offer’s base agreement includes Indigo’s microbial-treated seeds, grain quality testing, and data-driven agronomic support, with the ability to opt into Indigo Marketplace, and the company’s grain storage and transportation programs. Seed is financed at 0%. When choosing to sell through Indigo Marketplace, a platform that connects growers directly to buyers for streamlined transactions, growers will have access to the most competitive bids, as well as a premium of $0.10 on every bushel sold.
“Our commitment to farmer profitability with increased control is at the core of our latest offering,” said David Perry, Indigo’s President and CEO. “Indigo Certified Crops was designed in response to grower demands for selecting inputs and marketing opportunities that best fit their individual needs. Along with those aspects of the offer, Indigo is able to continue delivering our microbial products and agronomic insights, which have been repeatedly shown to increase productivity for farmers across the country.”
Indigo Production™ will still be available in crops and geographies where the company has established supply agreements with buyers.

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