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Sep. 14, 2018

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This article was written by Majda Ortan, ing., Manager of  PH. AGROHOM., Agrohomeopatija za rastline in škodljivce.

No, it did not start before six years ago, when I - engineer Majda Ortan founded my business activity, placed my own developed  innovative products on the Slovenian market as plant strengthening  products and began to offer them on small Slovenian market as products for general use, under brand name Cora agrohomeopathie®. While those products do not contain active substances, this is in accordance with Slovenian legislation and for the Slovenian market. I started with development of those products more than 40 years ago, as teenage girl with passion for Nature and Natural Science. Since then, with those myself developed products I realized  famous statement of Nikola Tesla: " If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration". I did so, I went some steps further and realized these my great ideas for modern, innovative, advanced natural products that give excellent results in professional sustainable agriculture, horticulture and gardening.

Before six years ago, I founded my nowadays business. Today its activities completely covered  my own developed products, manufacturing them  in our own production and sale them. My company has kept reserved all exclusive rights to produce them, to sell them (in Slovenia and in export), to advice for their use, for the development of complete and complex spraying programs with those my products (branded as Cora agrohomeopathie® or otherwise)  for wide range of agricultural crops, for sharing and spreading good practice achieved with them, for educating activities with seminars and  workshops, for their export and also to granted rigts for their sales (distribution) on foreign markets. In my 100% ownership and as strictly secured business secret I managed to keep for myself all recipes for those products and 100% material rights for them.
About innovative and sustainable products without active substances 
On Slovenian market they are placed under the brand Cora agrohomeopathie®. They are innovative, myself developed products for natural, sustainable cultivation with strengthening the vitality of the plants and so indirectly strengthening plant resistance to plant diseases, pests and stress. Cora agrohomeopathie® products don’t contain active substances. Active are energy vibrations of appropriate complexes of suitable plants and minerals, which are results of appropriately customized homeopathic procedures , therefore they are also called energized homeodinamic products. These active vibrations are stabilized on the carrier medium (43% ethanol). Thus, shelf life of those products is 3 years. Unlike most of today’s existing products on the market, that principally work (affect) directly on the plant problems (diseases,pests, stress), products Cora agrohomeopathie® by holistic approach work directly on plants  by strengthening their vitality balance and by that indirectly strengthening plant resistance to  diseases, to pests, to stress due to the environmental impacts.
Products Cora agrohomeopatie® are used appropriate diluted with water, as spray, applied by the normal spraying equipment. Recommended is preventive use – preventive use is an advantage. The crops are eatable immediately after spraying - products Cora agrohomeopathie® are without  withdrawal period after the spraying. Product  features are also effectiveness, longer lasting effects, after four hours after spraying, the rain do not wash effect of spraying anymore! They are safe for humans and animals, are safe for the environment and have negligible carbon footprint.
61 of products Cora agrohomeopathie® have the confirmation of compliance, that they are allowed in organic cultivation. Confirmation was issued by Institute for Organic Farming, Faculty for Agriculture and Life science, University in Maribor, Slovenia, EU.  
In six years of their use on Slovenian market, products achieved good reputation and many of good practices in professional use. Some of results were also presented on international scientific conferences. Our active knowledge sharing successful spread them amoung users. 
Wide range of professional, special products Cora agrohomeopathie® allows us to make whole sprinkler programs for different varieties of agricultural crops. Currently, our comprehensive spraying programs with products Cora agrohomeopathie® are already available for the professional growing of vegetable seedlings with strenghtening of their own immunology, for the professional growing  various types of vegetables, for the professional growing of strawberries, for the growing of hops. This year, by using Cora agrohomeopathie® products, have been also produced ecological cherrie.  We are also nearing completion our comprehensive program with products Cora agrohomeopathie® for the professional growing of apples. Those products without active substances also offer solutions for such challenges as Drosophila suzukii and annual seed weeds, which are curently in use in Slovenia by farmers and home gardneres. You can find some more information about products Cora agrohomeopathie® and about  some exposed good practices in their professional use under the link here , or for readers of the paper edition of the magazine:
Cooperation possibilities
I started my business from myself - as an independent entrepreneur and  we have never been supported by money from Innovation Funds or some other funds or granted money. With products Cora agrohomeopathie® and opportunities, which they brings in farming and gardening, are created an enormous values, even  this in terms of financial revenues  becomes shown in the (near and also in more distant) future. Many big, serious  problems in food production and climate change are the challenges, on which we already have many "hot" and great sustainable answers with  products Cora agrohomeopathie®. That is why we are opening us to the world. We have great offer of energized, sustainable products and some number of interesting development projects with new, myself developed, natural,  energized homeodinamics products without containing active substances.  
I want to highlight such our new product in stage of development, which is intend to help forest trees to solve the problems with bark beetle and consequently help to stop  forest degradation due to the bark beetle. We are open for the cooperation with professional foreign forest institutions for monitoring the results of trials in real conditions. I look forward  to serious offers from outside of the EU, also from the USA, where millions of forested acres  have been affected by bark beetles. After successful product validation, it is possible to continue business cooperation in the field of product distribution outside the EU.
Our production have possibilities to be by size and capacity adapted to the needs of the market and customers. As we create, produce and sale  advanced, interesting, sustainable and useful products in food growing, we also have the appropriate strategy of concluding long-term business partnerships with world-widecompanies, that are capable, able and willing to become in good cooperation with us part of the sales distribution of advanced, natural, high sustainable and useful, necessary solutions offered by Cora agrohomeopathie® products, also introduction of another brand is possible. 
You are welcome to contact us with your business propose!


Agrohomeopatija za rastline in škodljivce,
Ing.Majda Ortan s.p.,
Ob Meži 30, 
SI 2391 Prevalje, 
Slovenija, EU
Mobile: 00386 (0) 70 820 279
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