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Sherriff Amenity launches E2 Pro Elicitor – a new unique soluble plant biostimulant which contains Harpin aβqrcode

Aug. 28, 2018

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Aug. 28, 2018
Sherriff Amenity has announced the launch of E2 Pro Elicitor – a new unique soluble plant biostimulant which contains Harpin aβ.
E2 Pro from Sherriff Amenity is a brand of turf care products and their portfolio features a range of water soluble and liquid fertilisers. There are currently five different analyses within the water soluble range. Eight are in the liquid portfolio, ensuring that there is a solution to suit a wide range of nutrient requirements throughout the year.
Elicitor is the latest plant biostimulant added to the E2 Pro family.
This unique soluble biostimulant contains an elicitor that stimulates gene expression in plants. It also delivers improved abiotic stress tolerance and better plant growth. Elicitors activate a variety of biosynthetic pathways within the plant and the Harpin aβ enhances results.
Trial work has concluded that Harpin aβ stimulates plant growth, nutrient absorption and tolerance to abiotic stress. This includes drought, temperature stress and pesticide detoxification. Further benefits include increased photosynthesis and enhanced root development.
Harpins are acidic, heat-stable, glycine-rich proteins produced by Gram-negative bacteria. This triggers defence responses in diverse plant species. When applied as a foliar spray, the Harpin proteins bind to plant receptors, initiating jasmonic acid and ethylene dependent signalling pathways.
This is known as a Hypersensitive Response (HR). Harpins induce the expression of genes involved in cell wall development, cellular communication, signalling and defence responses.
Harpin aβ proteins can be a seed treatment, or as a foliar spray. When used as a foliar spray, Sherriff Amenity reccomends application every three to four weeks during growth. As Harpin aβ activates genes within the plant, there is no requirement for full coverage at the time of application. Once the genes is activate, the plant response will initiate within 24 hours.

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