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Featured product of Seawin Biotech: Rooting Agent - Root Winnerqrcode

Jul. 18, 2018

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Jul. 18, 2018
Product Overview 

The early establishment and strong development of the crop root system determine a healthier plant and higher yield.
Research and tests have shown that active ingredients extracted from seaweed can effectively promote the root growth of crops. Therefore, Seawin Biotech's rooting agent, Root Winner, has been developed using seaweed extract as a master batch for dedicated application to root growth.

Product Feature
Dark brown liquid, pH: 6-8, specific gravity: 1.15-1.20
Main Ingredients:
Seaweed extract ≥200g/L, organic matter ≥50g/L,
N≥60g/L, P2O5≥25g/L, K2O≥60g/L, FE≥1.4g/L, ZN≥2g/L,B≥1.8g/L

Action Mechanism and Function
Seaweed extract: Algae polysaccharide, alginic acid and highly unsaturated fatty acid have very high biological activity and can stimulate the generation of non-specific active factors inside a plant, thus promoting seed germination and crop growth.
Auxins containing heteroauxin and indolebutyric acid: Plant endogenous, which directly make up for the auxins of the root system.
Trace elements:
Zinc: Makes crops generate more auxins; zinc is one of the precursors to auxin.
Fe: Enhances root shoot ratio to promote root activity.
Boron: Enhances crop intracellular half-life period.
(NH2): Amide nitrogen, enhancing IBA (a kind of auxin for root growth), which is directly absorbed and used for promotion of growth of root fibril (nitrate nitrogen promotes growth of the part of the crop above ground).
Phosphorous: Promotes root development.
Potassium: Promotes root stock expansion and growth.

Demonstration of Effect

Garlic seed dressing test for promotion of seed germination

The garlic seed is processed respectively by CK water, 50-fold diluted rooting agent, 100-fold diluted rooting agent and 100-fold diluted rooting agent, followed by an assessment of respective germination percentage, root growth and seedling length.
Results: A 150-fold diluted rooting agent application shows that garlic germination is brought forward by one day, while arriving at a 100% germination rate. The root system grows robustly with the largest size, which also grows evenly in a good shape after emergence.
Promotion of development of the root system
1) Lettuce test, application is carried out during the seedling stage.
Rooting agents of different vendors are applied to determine the impact on crop growth and root development. A total of four applications are done with CK water, contrast product 1, contrast product 2 and the product of Seawin Biotech. Each application is done via 3-time irrigations. 
Results: Leaf fresh weight handled by the product of Seawin Biotech reaches 32.6351g, 103.49% higher than that handled by contrast product 2 and 50.97% higher than that handled by contrast product 1. 
The root volume handled by the product of Seawin Biotech is respectively 63.93% and 64.21% higher than that of contrast product 2 and contrast product 1, and 156.41% higher than the control group.

2) Tuber Crop Yield Test - Potato Growth in the United States.
Date: May 5 to October 2017
Location: Rexburg, Idaho
Potato Variety: Russet/Burbank  

Processed respectively by CK, Seawin Root Winner, prime seaweed rooting agents on the market (ACSW) 

Source: AgroNews

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