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Featured product of Seawin Biotech: Liquid seaweed extract - Alga 2008qrcode

Jul. 16, 2018

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Jul. 16, 2018
Product Overview

Algae (enteromorpha and kelp) contain rich nutrients, which are important to crop growth, such as polysaccharide, mannitol, organic iodine, amino acid, betaine, medium trace element and phytohormone. These nutrients effectively regulate plant growth, promote root development, increase crop immunity, enhance stress tolerance, improve crop quality and increase yield, being widely applied to agricultural production.
Seawin Biotech Group's liquid seaweed extract is made of nutrient substances fully extracted from seaweed via enzymatic hydrolysis, which can retain the active ingredients of seaweed to the maximum. It can be directly used on crops, with the function of enhancing root and seedling growth, improving crop quality and increasing yield.

Product Feature
Brown liquid, pH: 7-9, specific gravity: 1.10-1.15
Main Ingredients:
Alginic acid≥20g/L, organic matter≥100g/L, N≥5g/L, P2O5≥0.5g/L, K2O≥50g/L;
Action Mechanism and Function
1. Its active substances, such as polysaccharide, alginic acid and highly unsaturated fatty acid, can enhance root development and crop growth effectively.
2. Its small molecular nutrients such as protein peptides are absorbed easily. Via facilitation of photosynthesis, the activity of a variety of enzymes is enhanced, which improves crop quality and increases yield.
3. Its rich organic matters, polysaccharides and medium trace elements can regulate soil condition, improve the soil environment and increase crop stress resistance.

Demonstration of Effect

Field test for increase of maize yield in the US.
Date: May to September 2017
Test Location: Safford, Arizona
Test Product: Maize
Method: Furrow application upon planting
Test Results:
Liquid seaweed extract increases maize yield by 8-20 bushel/ac.
On the use of 1-2 quarts/ace, ROI is increased effectively.
For maize application, Alga 2008 has the best effect.
Field test for increase of grape brix

Date: April 11 to July 12, 2017
Test Location: Bakersfield, California
Test Product: 5-year fresh grape scarlet royal

Seaweed extract increases grape brix, berry and yield.
Compared to CK products, the 2-time application of liquid seaweed extract can achieve a similar effect to that achieved by the 6-time application of contrast products, thus providing more economic benefit, resulting in an improved ROI.

Source: AgroNews

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