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Argentina approves Monsanto's GMO corn eventsqrcode

Jun. 12, 2018

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Argentina approves Monsanto's GMO corn events

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages
Argentina’s Ministry of Agriculture approved the commercialization of corn products and byproducts, for human and animal consumption, that contain the event MON-87427-7 and MON-8411-9. Coming from the accumulation of MON-89034-3, SYN-IR162-4, MON-87411-9, these new events stack the resistance of herbicides, lepidoptera, and colepterans, bringing unique characteristics to the new material.
The decision of approving the commercialization of these events would come from several previous evaluations about the crop. At first, the National Advisory Commission of Agricultural Biotechnology approved the Decision Document for these events, in which it expressed that the biosecurity risks of the new corn are not different from non genetically-modified corn.
The country’s National Health and Food Quality Service (Senasa) indicated that “the event is substantially equivalent to its conventional counterpart and it's safe and not less nutritive”.
The Agricultural Under-Secretariat issued a technical opinion indicating that the new material “will bring a new tool to increase the efficiency of crop management. From the commercial point of view, no important risks are detected in the group of countries with valid regulatory framework; the pending approval is just in Vietnam and Indonesia”.
Therefore, the Ministry decided to authorize the commercialization of seeds, products and byproducts derived from corn coming from the events MON-87427-7 and MON-87411-9, and from the accumulated intermediary that could emerge from the parent combinations. It will be within the power of users to correctly use the technology, according to the recommendations given, such as refuge areas, rotation of active principles, among others. 

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