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China’s CCPIA warns illegal imidacloprid TC, acetamiprid TC producersqrcode

May. 14, 2018

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 Several pesticide production enterprises in China have reported illegal imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC production to the Imidacloprid Collaboration Group of CCPIA (China Crop Protection Industry Association). 
The pesticides are being produced by enterprises that are not licensed for such production. The illegal production activities have seriously disturbed the market order, affecting market operations adversely.   
China’s pesticide production is governed by a production licensing system. Producing imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC in China without a license is considered illegal. 
To build an open and fair business environment and to maintain sound development of the pesticide industry, CCPIA (China Crop Protection Industry Assocation ) has issued the following warning:
1. Production and sales of imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC without a production permit must be stopped immediately.
2. The Imidacloprid Collaboration Group and its member companies reserve the right to claim against producers who have illegally produced imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC.
3. Illegal imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC producers who ignore the warning and still continue with production will be reported immediately to supervisory authorities, to be investigated and penalized according to law.
It is reported that the Imidacloprid Collaboration Group of CCPIA will hold a meeting in June 2018, where the latest members admitted to the collaboration group will be announced.

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