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Crop IQ Technology launches breakthrough NEMA-DEAD for use on six different species of parasitic nematodesqrcode

May. 10, 2018

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Crop IQ Technology “CIQ” recently announced the launch of  NEMA-DEAD, The first novel organic nematicide on the globe combining advantages of chemicals and natural nematicides products in a single formula 
In the past 20 years, several nematicides have been withdrawn from the market because of health and environmental problems associated with their production and use .As a result of this, the public concern over the use of pesticides in food production has increased. While It has proven to be a real challenge to develop a biological control agent that is effective for most plant parasitic nematodes.

“Since 2010, we have been intensively working on creating a blend of green chemicals, natural extracts and bio stimulants in a single formula. NEMA-DEAD is curative like chemical nematicides and preventive like biological nematicides, no residuals, not only it doesn’t cause any stress on treated plant but it also include bio stimulants helping injured roots to overcome biotic stresses. “Its fast acting and unique mode of action effects adults and eggs of six different species of Parasitic Nematodes Meloidogyne spp. Tylenchus, Pratylenchus, Xiphinema, Cri- conemoides and Hoplolaimus.” Says Tom Mostert Crop IQ Research and Development Leader”.
Tom added that, “it’s unique organic nematicide reaching both endo- and ecto-parasitic nematodes inside plant roots and in the surrounding soil.”
We are extremely proud and excited to bring this new technology to a market where there is a great challenge and an area of pronounced need, we have allocated budget of free of charge samples to help the farmers and intermediaries to compare NEMA-DEAD against the nematicide they use and trust ” said Hatem Elmahy, Executive director Crop IQ Technology Limited.
The company expects to go ahead in obtaining further registrations of NEM-DEAD in new countries and crops.

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