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Price and Supply: Anti-dumping investigations impacting Chinese pesticide intermediates marketqrcode

Apr. 4, 2018

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Apr. 4, 2018

Price and Supply: Anti-dumping investigations impacting Chinese pesticide intermediates market

Although China’s National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference has concluded, the stringent pollution control measures enforced by the authorities have not been relaxed. 
The environmental regulatory compliance inspection is still being conducted rigidly within all the provinces and cities. Cross-regional inspection activities are also being conducted frequently. These inspections have compelled some chemical industries to either shut down or adopt corrective measures to meet the requirements. Workplace accidents are common in enterprises that fail to meet the production requirement or in small workshops that have only intermittent production. For these reasons, the raw materials and technical material productions and supplies are restricted. 
On the other hand, following the anti-dumping investigations concerning the intermediates m-phenoxybenzaldehyde and resorcinol, an anti-dumping investigation has also been launched against phenol, a basic raw material, which if given an affirmative ruling, will have a broad impact on pesticide intermediates.
The supply of insecticide intermediates is currently under restriction, with the issues of work safety and environmental concern leading to lower production output and higher product prices. The production of pyrethroid intermediates has not been smooth because of the anti-dumping investigation initiated against m-phenoxybenzaldehyde. The cost of raw materials have remained strong and the market supplies low. A small volume of neonicotinoid insecticides at lower prices are available in distribution channels, but fewer orders have been placed for export. The prices seem to be rebounding. The prices of some products are quoted as follows:
Abamectin powder at Yuan720,000/ton.
Emamectin benzoate technical down to Yuan1.1 million/ton.
Imidacloprid technical down to Yuan188,000/ton.
Acetamiprid technical at Yuan188,000/ton.
Thiamethoxam technical at Yuan125,000/ton.
Pymetrozine technical at Yuan188,000/ton.
Chlorpyrifos technical down to Yuan47,800/ton.
Fipronil technical at Yuan650,000/ton.
Concerning the herbicides, glyphosate technical and glufosinate technical have remained stable in general; sulfonylurea is out of stock and the price is high due to the short supply of intermediates. Clomazone, fomesafen, quizalofop-p-ethyl, mesotrione and atrazine are in short supply. The prices of some products are quoted as follows:
Glyphosate down to Yuan24,800/ton
Glufosinate technical stays at Yuan190,000/ton
Nicosulfuron technical at Yuan275,000/ton
Mesotrione technical rising to Yuan190,000/ton due to short supply.
Clethodim technical at Yuan155,000/ton
Triazole fungicides technical continue to stay high. Prochloraz technical, metalaxyl technical and hymexazol technical productions remain at low load, which are in short supply and their prices are rising, as a result of the continued shortage of intermediates. Some products are quoted as follows:
Difenoconazole technical at Yuan230,000/ton or above
Propiconazole technical at Yuan145,000/ton
Hexaconazole technical at Yuan38,000/ton
Pyraclostrobin at Yuan270,000/ton
Azoxystrobin technical at Yuan280,000/ton

This summer, AgroPages will invite officers and analysts from ICAMA/CCPIA to give speeches on industry insights at the 2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW), which will be held in Hangzhou, China. The attendees will receive important information about the Chinese agrochemical industry, which is critical for pesticide procurement.

To better assist overseas buyers in connecting with Chinese suppliers, AgroPages also plans to hold a closed-door Business Matching Meeting at CPEW for participant overseas. We will screen some of the leading Chinese suppliers of pesticide technical and formulations to meet face-to-face with the overseas audience. Each participant from overseas will have a 10-15 minute opportunity to introduce their company and their specific needs to seek supply support from these Chinese companies.

Workshop Details2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW)

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