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Japan to decide GE labeling requirements soonqrcode

Mar. 8, 2018

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The Consumer Affairs Agency’s expert committee is expected to conclude its review of Japan’s labeling requirements for genetically engineered foods at the end of March 2018. As a part of the ongoing review, informal discussions have begun on a possible stricter threshold for the use of voluntary “non-GE” labeling. However, some participating expert members have expressed concern that foreign grain and oilseed supplies could be disrupted by a new, stricter standard. The concept of tighter requirements for “non-GE” labeling is expected to be the focus of the next (and likely final) expert committee meeting.

General Information:

The Consumer Affairs Agency’s (CAA’s) Expert Committee for the review of genetically engineered
(GE) food labeling requirements in Japan has been discussing four major points over the past ten

Issue 1: The Scope of Mandatory Labeling
  • Point 1: Consideration of food items subject to mandatory labeling, and
  • Point 2: Consideration of how prevalent the GE ingredient must be in a food product to be subject to mandatory labeling.

Issue 2: The Method of Labeling

  • Point 3: Consideration of “Genetically Engineered” versus “GE non-segregated” labeling and whether or not they are easily and correctly understood by consumers, and
  • Point 4: Consideration of the conditions for food to be labeled as “non-GMO.”

For more detailed information, please review the orginal report.

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