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Mar. 6, 2018

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Southeast Asia has a vast area planting rice, fruit and vegetable. It is a tropic region with high temperature and high humidity, being easily hit by typhoon. The region suffers from serious fungal diseases, which exist in the whole region. The economy of Southeast Asian countries develops well in general, where the quality of farm product is good and farmer’s disease control awareness is quite high. However, there is a scarcity of good fungicide varieties, copper agents are still the main products used there. Farmers are unsatisfied with the effect of control and safety of application. The other fungicide varieties, such as oxolinic acid and bismerthiazol, showed problems of resistance and control efficacy, and it is difficult to solve the problem of pesticide residues with currently available fungicide products, this is causing a great pressure on safe pesticide applications in the Southeast Asian countries where large amount of farm products are being exported. The agricultural streptomycin, which used to be widely used in the main rice production countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, has been prohibited. Over the last 20 years, there has been no release of new fungicide varieties in the world market, even multinationals could not present excellent fungicide varieties in their product lines.
Zinc thiazole is a new-generation organic zinc fungicide developed independently by Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical in 1999, which is granted registrations in China covering both technical material and formulations. For the purpose of protection of intellectual property rights, its formulation products and application techniques have been filed for international patent, having been granted patent rights in several countries in Southeast Asia. After over 10-year research and study, as well as product applications at home and abroad, Zinc thiazole has been proved to be effective on control of fungal diseases existing on more than 50 crops including rice, fruit and vegetable while its residues are quite low, which well complies with the crop safety requirement. Due to its satisfactory safety property and excellent control effect, it is actively promoted by China’s crop protection agencies and widely used by Chinese farmers. As a unique and innovative product, Zinc thiazole has won a number of awards China.
As backed up by the full and complete product evaluation data, Xinnong has initiated an overall plan for registration of Zinc thiazole in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. Xinnong has cooperated with a distributor in Thailand in registration of Zinc thiazole 20% SC, which has been approved by the agricultural department of Thailand in May 2016, being the first product innovated and registered in Thailand by a Chinese company. Thereafter Xinnong is fully cooperating with the distributor in Thailand in product promotions. In 2017, Xinnong’s Zinc thiazole promotion team visited Thailand several times to assist partners of cooperation in product applications. There Xinnong has conducted several field demonstrations to demonstrate the effect of Zinc thiazole on control of rice fungal diseases (such as rice white leaf and fungal stripe) and citrus canker while presenting the safety, easy mixing, root enhancement, leaf greening and antiaging properties of the product. Following the popularity of the product among farmers of Thailand, Zinc thiazole 20% SC hit good sales in Thailand, which is expected to reach a breakthrough of 100 tons in 2018.
The introduction of Zinc thiazole is expected to fill up the gap between supply and demand in the fungicide market of Thailand to the needs of local farmers for a high-efficient, easy-use and safe-use fungicide. Xinnong is continuing its effort on optimization of Zinc thiazole formulations and application techniques while actively progressing product registrations in more countries to pave the way for product applications in the target countries.

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