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Feb. 26, 2018

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Bionema have developed new, specialist biopesticide training courses to help participants understand and maximise the potential of these highly effective biologically based products which protect and enhance crops, plants and amenity areas.  These courses are aimed at commercial distributors and end users (grower, farmers, greenkeepers and foresters). 
The use of biopesticides across many land-based sectors is becoming increasingly significant especially as traditional pesticides lose efficiency and many are delisted. Changes in legislation mean that managers in the field of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and amenity need to be aware of how the latest best practice solutions are shaping up. 
‘Biopesticides are essentially living organisms, such as nematodes, fungi, bacteria and beneficial insects.  It is important to understand how best to use them. The way they are stored, handled and applied are very important.  Without proper care they may not perform as well as they should.’ said Dr Minshad Ansari, Managing Director of Bionema Limited based in Swansea University, UK. 
The new training courses will include presentations, practical workshops and demonstration of different biopesticide products.  The attendee will go away with a clear understanding of how to correctly use the products to help them maximise the performance of the biopesticides. 
The training courses have been developed by biological experts with years of practical experience in maximising the benefits of biopesticide products in agriculture, horticulture, turf amenity and forestry sectors. Bionema is a LANTRA Approved Provider.
"Our previous training courses have attracted users, manufacturers, researchers and distributors from different sectors, and our unique approach provides a 30% to 40% improvement in the performance of the biopesticides after training.” said Dr Ansari.  The new training courses include:
1. Application of biological insecticides: Entomopathogenic nematodes
2. Application of biopesticides (fungi and bacteria)
3. Application of beneficial biocontrol agents: Predators, Parasitoids & Mites
Users will develop a complete understanding of biopesticide application through a practical integrated pest management system within their own environment. 
The next set of courses will be held from March 14-16 at the headquarters of Lantra at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. Bookings can be made through emailing   or registering at   

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