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Feb. 8, 2018

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By Tyler Steinkamp, agronomist, WinField United

Now is the time to get ahead of spray application management for 2018. Here are a few recommendations for effective applications.

Planning Ahead for Optimal Impact

Several factors such as droplet size, spray nozzle type, water quality and time of day of the application can influence application effectiveness. The products in your tank won’t be as effective if these details aren’t addressed. The effectiveness of a crop protection product truly depends on how it is applied.

Another decision to make before spraying is whether or not to use an adjuvant, and if so, which adjuvant to use. Adjuvants can keep spray droplets at the right size, helping to control drift and keeping the crop protection product on target. Adding an adjuvant to your tank can help a pesticide reach the site of action in the pest

If you’re considering mixing products to address pest pressures, always follow the label instructions and perform a jar test. Fill a jar half full with water and add field-use rates of the products the same way they will be combined in the sprayer. Fill the rest of the jar with water, then shake. Let the jar sit for several days to make sure nothing settles out. This can show if the products are compatible with each other in a spray tank. Remember that improper mixing order can create a tank mix solution that is unusable.

Nozzle Care Makes a Difference

Using and properly maintaining the correct nozzle can ensure a safe, effective spray application. Select the proper nozzle depending on the crop protection product that’s being applied, systemic or contact, and how much drift is acceptable. Nozzle selection affects droplet size, which influences drift potential and the amount of coverage. Be sure to consult your agronomist when selecting the appropriate nozzle for each application.

After you’re outfitted with the right nozzle, calibrate your sprayer. Calibrating sprayer nozzles ensures even application, correct product dose and enough product to spray the entire field. Keep in mind that calibration is one of the most important parts of spraying and is necessary as nozzles can wear out over time or become damaged

Nozzle spray patterns should also be checked when calibrating each nozzle on the boom. Maintaining a consistent spray pattern ensures even application of the product, establishes the correct dosage, and eliminates skips or streaks. Incorrect spray patterns can be caused by clogged or worn nozzles and improper nozzle cleaning. Another way to ensure a precise spray pattern is to maintain a proper boom height. The correct height can be determined by nozzle spacing and the degree of fan. After spraying, clean the equipment as soon as possible to prevent products from drying and contaminating the tank, lines and tips.

Stay Up to the Minute on Spray Information

Hear about the most recent developments in spray application technology, such as spray rules and regulations, at a Spray Clinic by WinField® United. Sessions cover topics such as the importance of proper tank mixing order, sprayer mechanics, preventing tank contamination, avoiding drift and off-target spray movement, understanding the chemistry of active ingredients, and proper cleaning practices.

The talks are tailored to the area where they are hosted and will cover information that is most relevant to the region. Sessions will be equipped with spracreayers and demonstration spray tables to illustrate key points and processes. WinField United agronomists will offer straight-from-the-field advice, up close demonstrations and potential solutions to your specific application challenges. After attending a Spray Clinic, you will be equipped to make sound, data-supported decisions for effective spray applications.

Even if you’ve attended a Spray Clinic by WinField® United in the past, you will learn something new by attending another one. Agronomists welcome a spirited exchange of ideas and questions, so ask your agronomic advisor when a Spray Clinic is coming to a location near you.

Source: Ag Web

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